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all that's really changed this week is that there's a now a prototype you can sit in

There's also an actual train (if not two) running on a test track now, so we're not that far away from them being introduced into service.

I went to see this yesterday and was filled with woe. The sound of children screaming with glee as they held races down the entire length of the thing didn't quite drown out the constant announcements but it was a close things as to what got me to fling myself headfirst of of the (constantly beeping) doors first with woe.

Clever seat fabric design!

My thoughts exactly. It never fails to amaze me how any piece of news can be twisted to sound practically life saving, but when you take a closer look you realise that, quite simply, all that shines isn't gold.

As for Boris taking credit for Ken's initiatives, didn't he announce he was looking to introduce a bicycle hire system similar to the one in Paris? Great idea, Boris, how come Ken never thought of that?!

It sounds rather similar to the new metros introduced over here in Belgium. I don't think we have air-con though.

The fact that you can walk through the entire metro is a Good Thing - especially once it's on the move you won't see people or kids charging down it.

My only criticism about the London Tubes are the seats. The plastic ones here are very easy to wipe down (and they are cleaned every night) even if you do have to survive a little less comfort in return.

Went over myself yesterday -

I think the reaction to connected passages is very odd. I'd far rather the connection than not in nearly all circumstances. It's better to have somewhere to go in an event, steaming, bombing or otherwise.

Seating layout is interesting and I'm still not clear on what is planned as to having different layouts on the S7s an S8s. Would seam easy to my uneducated mind to have some standard fixture points and then use interchangeable modules to fit higher or lower capacity sections.

Anyone travelling on the circle line for more than 20 minutes should know better, far more useful to have standing space than seats.

And yes, Boris, what an arse. Upside is that I hope the furious standing metliners will blame him!

With the inevitable kids' races up and down the thing, the doors beeping and the announcements, I'm rather glad I of my stupidly large headphones now.

The other day I clicked on the "completely random blogs" the side there...and the second hit was a blog with pics. The place was not identified but it looked very familiar to of two places I thought. hah...there it was just at the end of Judd Street (Kings Cross)...unfortunately I didn't walk far enough (Euston Square) to spot the mock train. I've had my life's fill of "less is more" anyway so I'll be satisfied with your description. Ta.

Their are rumours abroad at work of the kind of service the S Stock will run,

No more Circle line as it will be running from Hammersmith, around the existing Circle line to terminate at Edgware Rd then run back round the long way to Hammersmith.

The District will take over from the Picc line and run to Uxbridge leaving the Picc to have extra trains for Heathrow.

The H&C will terminate at Whitechapel and the Met will be extended to Barking.

These are just rumours at the moment, so I can't be sure if it's true or not.

There will still be 6 trains on the H&C and 8 on the Mets.

Air conditioning? All that heat has to go somewhere, it'll have to come out of the train - and into the tunnels and stations. The fans to ventilate those are already funning full, so the overall effect will be to make everywhere hotter (because of inefficiency in the coolant pumps).
So you'll be cooler in th carriages, and hotter on the platforms etc.
Is that a win?

That's funny, they've just finished refurbishing the existing District Line rolling stock in February, and now they want to replace them altogether (albeit a few years from now).

As for the connected passageways, they already have those on some European metro systems (e.g. Rome). I find such layouts allow for more standing room. I think having fewer seats is unfortunate though, as there will always be people (e.g. the elderly and pregnant women) who will need to sit rather than stand, and taking out seats is hardly going to help them.

Talking about new tube trains, what about the new Victoria Line trains due to enter service next year?

Yes walking straight through the tube train without having to open and shut 2 doors will be very handy for the beggars. Especially those with abnormally quiet babies attached to their hips.

Well done designers! A complete copy of our 1998!! built Berlin U-Bahn trains (inside at least)...

The Circle Line, as we know it, is to come to an end late-2009.

CCTV? That'll stop those pesky Tube suicide bombers! What a relief!

The Circle Line, as we know it, is to come to an end late-2009.

What, so soon?!?! There again, I did first mention this nearly five years ago...

It's been coming to an end almost every other weekend for a few years now...

The seating material looks like licquorice allsorts to me, mmm might get hungry and eat the seat. On second thought maybe not. Do you think the fabric ever get shampooed?

What a pity they have failed to look closly at the design of the best performing underground trains in the world - eg Hong Kong and Singapore.

I'm no expert, observing from all the way out here in New York as I am, but: are there that many people getting on the Metropolitan line in zones B, C and D that passengers boarding in Rickmansworth (yes, I know it was just an example) are at risk of not finding seats?

For comparison, I can't imagine there's any time of day that people get on the A train out past Euclid Avenue towards the airport and the Rockaways and can't find a seat.

The idea of trains with fewer seats has been floated here as well, incidentally, and met with some derision, but then it hasn't been packaged with the various improvements of these new trains arriving in London in a few years.

With regard to air conditioned trains, the down side is that platforms are hotter in the summer, though the stations on the cut-and-cover lines might be shallow enough and vent well enough to avoid this problem.

will this be the same sort of special hot and smelly air conditioning as the bendy buses?

Air-conditioning works best in a closed environment, so presumably stopping at stations and opening the doors is going to play havoc with this. I guess they could set it on Arctic and freeze everybody in between stations. That'll teach them for complaining about the heat!

It sounds like you're looking for something like this:

Simplistic, but comfortable. Built in Germany for the Oslo Subway, seen here at Innotrans 2008

A response to DG's comments as regards steaming in the new S-stock can be read here http://districtdave.proboards39....ead=9224&

I asked the question regarding steaming on DG's behalf to one of the senior design team members (a member of the forum) and the response can be seen in reply #8 - I hope that's useful



It's worth mentioning that the carriage on the left of the mockup (with the sideways seats) is what the Metropolitan Line is getting, and the carriage on the right with seats flat against both sides is what the other lines are getting. I don't think this was made clear in the exhibit.

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