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Apsley House is also known as Number 1, London. Causes great hilarity with taxi drivers when you ask to be taken there.
The chaos across Europe in the time of Wellington and Napoleon is part of history, but suppose that one small incident three thousand miles away had meant that there was no French revolution?

The short story 'He Walked Around The Horses' by H. Beam Piper has a special relevance to today's blog.
Hyde Park Corner has an extraordinary concentration of war memorials - in that corner of Hyde Park, the huge Achilles as a memorial to Wellington, and the Cavalry Memorial; on the traffic island, the equestrian statue of Wellington, the First World War era Royal Artillery Memorial and Machine Gun Corps Memorial, and the more recent Australia and New Zealand Memorials; and then into Green Park, the Commonwealth Memorial gate and pavilion, and along Picadilly the Bomber Command Memorial.
Did you resist pressing button no 2? Telling people not to do something tends to encourage them to try to see what happens.
I too enjoyed Apsley House when I visited a couple of years ago, but found the general triumphalism a little uncomfortable.
I have a limited attention span for the vast collections of porcelain and silver on display, but do recall that the A/V guide was really very good.
The bookshop in Wellington Arch has a comprehensive collection of English Heritage publications that includes guidebooks to all their properties (subject to stock of course), some of which can be cheaper than if bought at the properties themselves.
I don't think it's Nike that's at the reigns, but a boy (who knows who he's meant to be). Can be seen from this angle:
Good point about the charioteer, SJM.

English Heritage says the winged figure with the laurel wreath is actually Peace (descending on a chariot of war) rather than Nike/Victory.

Interesting page on its recent restoration here:
I went round there a good few years ago. I find Town houses a more interesting visit than country houses due to their smaller compact features.

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