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Great images and great memories.
I didn't get to any of the 'arena' events but did make a number of trips to Brands Hatch for the cycling road races: my photos here.

My favourite has got to be the one of Rachel Morris and Karen Darke, which has its own story.
(There's also a small album of pics from the closing ceremony but it's a bit premature to be remembering that.)

After Team GB's fantastic performance in the Rio Olympics, I've got a feeling - or at the very least a wish - that we're about to see Britain up there with the best again.
The Olympics.. Fantastic.
The Paralympics.. Wonderful.
Will the wall-to-wall blanket coverage ever end?
@ Frank F


Next year it'll be the 5th anniversary.

Then we have 2020 Toyko.

After that 2022...10th anniversary.

2024...another Olympics.

2028...and another Olympics.

2032...20th anniversary plus (you guessed it) another Olympics.

2036-2037 yet another Olympics followed by 25th anniversary.

I could go on but you surely get the picture
... And in between there's the tennis, cricket, football, rugby and whatever other sport is being payed. Be glad you don't live down under. It's all we freaking get.
@Frank F

No. For all the potential anniversaries that Grumpy Anon has pointed out, DG will be posting about the London Olympics for some time yet.
We went to the dressage and the handball/ weightlifting. It was such good fun. the atmosphere was electric - I will never forget it.

Well put mate
Blimey. Several hundred TV channels available nowadays, your amount of stuff on computers and people still whine about too much sport on telly!
My friend and I went to an afternoon session of athletics and an evening session of swimming on the same day - a sunny and very hot Friday. Great memories; I especially remember the contrast between:-
- the long jump held in complete silence; and
- a women's relay race in the swimming pool when GB almost caught the winners and the whole place was shaking with the noise!

Even better, as "Seniors" we only paid £10 each per session.
This is what I call a 'filler-post'. Slap a hand-full of pics on, two or three sentences and a couple of links; job done. Can then set-off and do something interesting rest of the blog/post another time. Then the comments on the post become more of a feature than the post itself.
My apologies for hardly trying.
The 2012 Paralympics were outstanding. Let us hope that Rio gets somewhere close, but the omens are not good.
Thanks, DG, for reminding me of the anniversary of those great day. I will bore people regularly with my 'I was there' tales. Shamelessly, because it was a very special time.
Paralympics was great - really nice atmosphere and some fantastic attendances. I remember it being much more of a British crowd (with plenty of visitors from rest of the country) than the Olympics.

I get the impression that many who attended Paralympics (myself included) did so partly as consolation for missing out on Olympics, but it was a great event in its own right.

Bit disconcerting to read about the lack of financial help for Paralympic teams this year at Rio and also the lack of tickets sold. Here's hoping they manage to sell some more tickets. I seem to recall from 4 years ago that Brazil were one of the top nations in Paralympics, so hopefully that will attract a few spectators.
@ DG

It is what it need for apology. Not the first time it been done and certain it won't be the last.

p.s i don't want a refund
We went to the para-athletics semi-finals as it was the ONLY event we could get tickets for as everything for the main Olympics was sold out and I spent hours and hours trying to get tickets! The system let us local residents of the host borough down really badly and the rows and rows of empty seats sold to corporate sponsors should have not been allowed. The had the same problem in Rio too with empty seats but also unsold seat due to the crazy prices that the locals could not afford.
fun? tick.
special? tick. (probably once in a lifetime)
@Chris et al,

Most of the stuff on the TV is a load of mindless drivel, and I can't say much different for the world wide web (DG excepted!). Back in the day, when you were lucky to have 10 channels, at least the programmes were actually of a high standard.
I went to the Stadium to see athletics during the Paralympics. My seat was "up in the gods" (at the very top) but I didn't know this when I booked. Not being good with heights I went to a special ticket office and got a seat on terra firma. No hassles which I thought was very impressive.

I really enjoyed the sport and even got to boo at George Osborne. I'm not a huge sports fan but am glad I pushed past my own prejudices to visit the Olympics and Paralympics. Memories for life of a great time in London.
For clarity ( if anyone cares Frank..) my comment was not a complaint about the amount of sport on TV. I love sport in general, but really struggle with most Olympic sports - with the exception of golf this year - and the totally OTT coverage on all media channels every 4th year.

Do we hear about shooting, sailing, gymnastics, judo, badminton wrestling or diving (et al) in the interim..?

No we don't. And for good reason. They're simply not particularly interesting, and don't justify the airtime and column inches devoted to them.
@ Frank F

Of course we care. Now stop trying to write more comments than me. Thank you.
It was great that it had a real buzz about it, was well attended and took the event to a new level in the public consciousness. It's a concern that they look set to be playing to a lot of empty seats in Rio, but every participant should know that we'll be glued to the box.
Was this post not two days early?

(But yes, they were a bit good, weren't they)
I feel very smug that I cottoned onto the fact that Paralympic tickets would be in less demand when the ballot first opened, but lots of demand once the games drew nearer, and loads of demand once the Olympics had been such a great success.

I went all out on the initial ballot and got all the 10 events I applied for. Given that two of them were day passes I ended up seeing almost 20 different sports and it was an incredible experience.

The best one (even though it was only an earlier session with no medals, unlike most of the other stuff I saw) was the velodrome. Such a fantastic venue and the noise was almost overpowering.

Also, so many thanks to DG for documenting so much, and all the handy guides.

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