please empty your brain below

"I took the opportunity while nobody was looking to try on an old Roundhead helmet, and yes, I looked as utterly ridiculous as expected"

Pictures, please.

I'm sorry, but the picture clearly shows a can of 7up, not Coke...

dg nods: So it is. Let me change that bit...

@Exit, Pursued by a Bear - I second that motion!

An old Roundhead's head had been inside that helmet before DG's. That's really getting in touch with history.

I'm amazed that the artefacts in the musuem are obviously not protected by some kind of security system. I can't see such a thing ever happening in the British Museum, for instance, where I once slipped over, crashed into a cabinet and set multiple alarms off (and have never dared go back again).

If the army can't look after its helmets, how can it look after its soldiers?

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