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The historic A to Z atlases could help plot the growth of the district and reveal which of these is the oldest name to survive.
Arch: Tom Thumb's?
I know its a new (ish) rod and gated, but you also need "Drive: Thomas Fyre"
Matilda Gardens

But on weekdays she's a Project Manager at DEFRA
Boring fact:
There are only five Streets in Dagenham, and they form a loose cluster around the older part of Dagenham.
They are:
Broad St, Church St, Crown St, Gale St and Halbutt St.

Dagenham does have a lot of Roads, Avenues and Gardens instead of Streets.
Is it true that the City of London has no "Roads"? Or is it the sort of thing you'd get the big black screen and alarm for saying on QI...?
It used to be true, but a boundary change in 1994 placed the City boundary down the middle of Goswell Road, between the Barbican and the Clerkenwell Road junction.
Speaking of Thomas Fyre Drive, who was he? I have a sneaking suspicion someone made a typo when registering the road name... :)
Terrace, Glebe. Well the sign is stil there.
I live on Morgan street E3... which is nowhere to be found on your list?
Crown Close is a fairly recently named section of road that was previously part of Old Ford Road, this section was annexed by the building of the A102M (now the A12), and I assume that it got it's name from the Former Crown Wallpaper Factory that stand's adjacent to this short section of road, (now home to The Big Yellow Self Storage company.( but I may be wrong).
Wot no Boulevard?
Bream is a street.
Several updates made, thanks.
B - for Broadway: Crouch End, Ealing, Hammersmith,Plaistow, Westminster
Oops take that back - didn't spot the thing above the photo
Always tempted to write a blog post based on something from here, but up north, postcode areas cover quite a wider area. Maybe electoral wards instead :)
It find it slightly odd that there's an apostrophe in St Paul's Way, but not in St Andrews Way. I thought it was a typo at first, but Google Maps proves otherwise:

You'd have thought that there would be at least some consistency when it comes to punctuation in street names, wouldn't you?
No consistency in punctuation - look at the various signs for the Kings / King's / Kings' Road in Chelsea. Or St James/James's Park
Back in the day (decades), my aunt lived on Ropery Street and my uncle lived around the corner on Lockhart. As soon as I saw in E3 in the title, I remembered their addresses. Was well into the 60's/70's before many of those row houses had indoor plumbing!
Isint Stratford high street just over the border

dg checks map... Ah yes, sorry.
A few more if you haven't closed.
Road: Beale
Close: Ranwell, Tait
Street: Ranwell (which at 10m long with no addresses and not connected to anything else other than a brick wall must be E3's most insignificant road)
I suppose, just about, that St Andrews Way could be named after the town, which also lacks an apostrophe. Although I suspect lack of attention to detail by signmakers the more likely (and commonplace) explanation.

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