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So, DG you should re-check the follower count on all these tweeters tomorrow and see whether your readers have inflated their numbers and if so, which ones....a view into the psyche (and locations) of the average DG reader.

As I am in NZ, have no particular interest in the everyday goings on so will not be adding to the number.

For "Not being social" read "Not wasting Council resources."

DG - Good stuff. I just checked with a friend who works for Haringey, and they told me that Twitter is banned on the council network, which may go some way to explaining the absence of recent tweets...

Haringey are still on there, but only for certain services.


The GoGreen lot in particular are good, keen to interact, and with a sense of humour too.

For what it's worth there was (and still is)
It wasn't worth all that much though, they didn't bother to tell us about the long queues and that people would be disenfranchised by being locked out, or how long the count was being delayed, etc

Quite telling that some councils are primarily using Twitter to encourage use of libraries, but not really using it for anything else.


With cuts looming public libraries could easily become a "use it, or lose it" service.

Bexley Libraries recently started a Twitter account:

Via them I've discovered what looks like an official Council 'what's on' account (not well publicised in my experience, as I didn't know it existed when I lived in Bexley!)

Steve: Libraries are all about sharing and enabling access to information, so it's not surprising librarians are social media pioneers in many authorities, quite apart from the service-marketing aspect (disclaimer: I'm a librarian :) )

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