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It's not mentioned on that page of the TfL website, but they have also put additional buses on route 20 to help passengers at the eastern end of the line.

The additional buses are single deckers run by Abellio under their Transport UK brand, whilst the usual double deckers are Stagecoach.

There has been so little advertising about these that my friend saw one parked up at the Debden terminus and he asked a regular Stagecoach double decker 20 driver what was going on and even this driver didn't know why there was a random single decker 20 parked up.
Where I live I have 3 lines available to me. This is the line of last-resort!
Just musing really, but I wobder if they could remove a couple of seats in each car, to make a bit more standing room. Just until the crisis is over...
The fares freeze over the last few years - and reinstated again this year - could well be the root cause of the issue, denying funds for preventative maintenance that could have avoided the crisis point now reached.
Another possible "root cause" of the problems on the Central Line might (just might) be the completely inadequate level of Central Government funding for TfL and the inability of TfL to plan Capital expenditure more than 18 months ahead because of the conditions imposed by successive Transport Secretaries on TfL funding settlements. Just might be.

Could you do a piece on levels of Central Government subsidy in various international Capital City public transport systems, perhaps accompanied by trips to said capital cities? You could start with Paris, Berlin, Madrid, New York, Tokyo...
For those who think there might be some spece below the seats:"
Our trip from Leytonstone into town this morning felt notably slower than usual on some sections - anywhere that's normally screechingly loud was a bit quieter, presumably because that's where the speed restrictions are.

I suppose a silver lining is that the increased headways for slower speeds will be masked by the increased headways for reduced rolling stock (or vice versa).
Those journey times for the shuttle buses on the TfL page seem a bit off. 50 mins from Epping and 25 from Loughton. I assume they mean the whole journey including the train to Liverpool St but why would the Loughton one take half the amount of time when it's only 10 mins down the road from Epping?
The reason that the bus Chingford- Loughton-Epping takes so long is getting out onto the A104 at Rangers/Manor Road T-junctions. These are not roundabouts, so these buses have absolutely no priority. It was the same when the motor fell off at Chancery Lane in 2003.
The Piccadilly line also has speed restrictions due to the problem with the machine that checks the track. They are around Hammersmith and Arnos Grove and can mostly be seen from the platform.

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