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Inner Drive.
First Place.
Gold Circle.

Honour Lea. Inspired by Puff the Magic Dragon, perhaps?

I don't know if this shows that I'm very susceptible to advertising but when I saw Glade Walk I immediately thought of air fresheners.

The best name of any Olympic street has surely got to be in Berlin where the main street leading from the S-bahn station to the 1936 Olympic stadium is called Jesse Owens Allee to celebrate the black athlete whose victory so angered Hitler.

"Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee"

I wonder if some of these will be renamed, once the Olympics are over and they try to sell them.

Row Row
Walk Walk
Ride Ride
Pace Place

Victory Parade sounds a bit 1936 to me.

I can see some of these names changing depending on who does well at the actual ceremony (Sir Chris Hoy Avenue? Tom Daley Drive) and they don't have to be quite so international.

Athlete's Foot Path might be appropriate.

Popartist beat me to it. I was thinking of "Foot Path"

Fleece Avenue.
Vanity Road.
Recession Walk.
Non-Existant Legacy Parade.
Waste of Taxpayers' Money Grove.

Coe Court.

Victory Avenue? Sounds more like Tripoli.

Wiff-Waff Walk

I just feel sorry for the poor athlete trudging back to his or her accommodation on Victory Parade, having come last in their qualifying heat, their Olympic Dream over...

I was thinking that my favourites would be 'Way Out', 'Exit' and 'Escape Route', or, if you wanted to get artistic, 'Egress Way'.

What's wrong with those old staples:
First Avenue, Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Last Place, Gold Road, Silver Street, Bronze Street, Games Road? Eh?

Javelin Avenue

Sporting Street

On a less serious note:

Shot-Put Drive

Cock-Up Close

Oh and
Lycra Close
Muscle Avenue
Speedy Way (but must be supplied with traffic calming bumps)

Rainonyour Parade...

Ben Johnson Court (and stripped)

Inner Lane?

Presumably not named after the Honor Lea hostel in Brockley Rise?

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