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'...a completely underwhelming waste of time.' - Christmas in a nutshell (Bah/humbug/etc.).
You omitted the fact that the section of the 10 between Tottenham Court Road and Russell Square that serves the British Museum loses its service, it's OK because TfL do plan to reroute the 14 to serve this section at some point in 2019, just not from 24th November.

Every journey matters.
With many of WinterWonderlands large fairground rides coming over from mainland Europe they may be missing next year after Brexit.

As your bus passed the end of Queensway I though there may have been some decorative lights visible looking down Queensway as you went by, but I suppose since Whitley's demise no one bothers.

Considering that lots of the stores/ restaurants along the Marble Arch end of the Edgware Road are Middle Eastern/Arabic I would not expect many Christmas lights there.

Pity about the bus route changes.
@DG On Tuesday, Nov 13th, you wrote "Well these are rubbish" in respect of the Regent Street Christmas Lights" amongst all others.

It's nice to know that seeing is believing now that they are all switched on, and that the magic of Christmas still persists. May I be the first to officially wish you a very "Merry Christmas".
To say that route 10 is withdrawn forever tonight is perhaps overstating it.

There was a route 10 when I was a child, running from Victoria or London Bridge to Woodford Bridge. By the looks of it, it probably served the famous Bus Stop M.

dg writes: It did.

In 1988 the withdrawn 10 took seven months to bounce back from a new location. How long will it be this time?
Must rush out to do this!

On second thoughts, Have I got News for You is on the telly tonight!

Ah well, I'll raise a glass to the 23, from the comfort of my sofa instead.
"Tomorrow route 23 becomes a route nobody would ever want to ride end to end"

You never know, there's some strange folk out there.
As a matter of interest, (well, to me) did the 23 replace a chunk of the 15 route because i'll swear that many years ago when i lived off Westbourne grove i used to get the 15 from there all the way to the East India dock rd but since i've been back to visit i haven't seen it. Mind you we're talking 20 odd years ago and i could be fuddled....

dg writes: Yes, and no.
I'm working tonight, so I won't be able to do the trip. But what I'm fascinated to note is that Aberdeen Steak Houses still exist!

The previous Route 10 went all the way back to Abridge. Another route serving Bus Stop M the 25 was similarly long from Hornchurch Station to Victoria Station.
Bus Stop M (though it was not designated that then) was also served by Green Line Coaches to Bishops Stortford, Brentwood and Corbets Tey.
With the 23 on its new 'loop' route, if you got off at the junction of Colville Road and Westbourne Grove, walked down Denbigh Road, Pembridge Crescent and Pembridge Road, crossed at Notting Hill Gate and walked Kensington Church Street to Kensington High Street (about a mile in total), would you be in time to re-board the same bus?

dg writes: Yes.
Christmas lights? It isn’t even Advent until a week on Sunday.
Chris... because every day brings a wave of innocent new visitors to London so there will always be custom for these dreadful places.
I actually took the 139 last night, as was coming back from Charing Cross so got to experience the splendour of The Strand, Regent St and Oxford St lights!
Important to sit on the north side going down Oxford St as that's where the best department store decorations are!

2 routes out of Oxford Street is a major change, I wonder how many people will be caught unawares tomorrow when popping up to do some shopping.
Twas much better when one of the bus operators ran occasional open-topped vehicles on suitable normal TfL routes when the Christmas lights were up. The tender requirements are probably too strict to allow this now.
In the 1970s I drove 73s (the predecessor of route 10) which carried vast numbers of people, mostly shoppers, between Oxford Street, Knightsbridge and Kensington High Street. No service now provides this link. Hapless, gormless dummies at TFL have, in thoughtless desperation to remove buses from Oxford Street, disregarded offering this service by introducing an obscure diversion to route 23 which nobody will use.
The peculiar history of Route 23

1992-2017: Westbourne Park - Liverpool St
2017-2018: Westbourne Park - Aldwych
2018-20xx: Westbourne Park - Hammersmith
The 23 is a very popular commuter route for people arriving at a Paddington and heading for offices in the West End. It’s effective withdrawal will be a huge inconvenience from Monday. Sure, the tube to Oxford Circus is an option, but early mornings the bus can be quicker less claustrophobic. This will just leave the 7 serving the two parts of town. I’ve not checked but I suspect there will be no additional 7s during peak hours. The logic for doing all this was that there would be an alternative service in the form of Crossrail. So why it’s still happening when Crossrail’s launch has been delayed seems ludicrous. Shows how unjoined up TfL’s approach really is.

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