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At least it is now possible to travel in both directions from South Greenford station DG. For most of the 1990s the southbound platform was out of use due to the collapse of a supporting embankment. Amazingly, this was actually rebuilt, and it reopened in 1999.

There are also some semaphore signals still remaining on the branch between South Greenford and Greenford stations. These form the most interesting feature on this otherwise forgettable and thankfully short part of the Capital Ring.

Thanks for reminding me about the Bunny Park! Right of the grandparents doorstep, but we keep forgetting to go!

I just had to smile when I read the words Bunny Park. The address you would expect for some one like Beatrix Potter.

I live in this "forgettable" part of Greenford and can assure those who have commented that it really isn't that bad. Capital Ring does take you through some quite picturesque parts of London but I have found that you can be just out of sight of interesting buildings and landmarks. If you can bear to come back you will find 18th/19th century buildings and ancient churches. Inevitably we also have some Art Deco structures and the former Aladdin factory building on the A40 which is now a branch of Dunelm Mill. I have found that people tend to live here for decades rather than moving on after a few years so it must have something going for it.

I've found some background about the piledriving plaque. Email me if you're interested

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