please empty your brain below

This ditty made me laugh so much, perfect start to a day of mundane errands! Have a great weekend DG!

I too laughed out loud. Well the cleaning is done for 2008.

Short blond woman? Should she have been a tall blonde woman?

I could have sorted that out for you, that's what neighbours are for.

Wow. I am imagining a vision in blue ribbed rubber....

I used to work in rubber you know

Oooops, I appear to have wondered into a 70's porn flick plot précis...

Strangely, I think I recognise some of your thinking on this. I was away for new year and indeed a tall dark stranger was first over the threshold (away) so I didnt really think about it again back at home.

We were also in the midst of some plumbing, so it could well have been our medium height, unshaven dark haired plumber crossing the threshold.

Reminds me of the roof stories about old shoes. I've lived in several houses where there's been shoes left in the rafters. Supposed to bring good luck. I'll always leave them where they are.

Did your first footer let you keep the giant plunger?

I go away for a couple of weeks and I return to find DG is a porn site. It's enough to make you down your tool.
I hope, if there's an innuendo in the comment box, you'll whip it out.

After reading this I feel quite flushed.

Happy new year, DG.

I would have visited you if I could have visited you, DG. How are you, superblogger?

Lucky you. The buildery types I had in my flat today picked up my entire kitchen and threw it out the window into the garden.

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