please empty your brain below

Just one guess each please.
1) Pennies from Heaven
16) Bob's Full House.
19) Blue Peter.
9) Porridge
1) Pennies from Heaven.

3) Top of the Pops
14) Not the Nine O'Clock News
12)easy watchdog
18: Children in need
19) Blue Peter
26) Multicoloured Swap Shop
6) Grange Hill
7) The Liver Birds
5) Ever decreasing circles
3) Top of the Pops
1) the weather
15 late Night Line Up
20 (slightly doubtful about this) A little Fry and Laurie
5) Ever Decreasing Circles
27) May to December
24) Softly Softly
28) Big Deal

dg writes: Clever, but not the programme I had in mind.
21) Play School
10) Blankety Blank
Okay then:
17) Juliet Bravo
2) Three of a Kind
Oh, I've worked out 22, 29 & 30 now,but I've already had my guess.
13)Nine o'clock news
30) Dr Who?
29) A Question Of Sport? (perhaps)
A different answer from Harry on (30)... my guess would be Discovery
22 The Two Ronnies
29) I think Question of Sport has always been made in Manchester. Maybe it's Game On?
29 : Wimbledon. :-) (Or Match Point, which would be very geeky)
Ah, sorry, Break Point, not Match Point.
I've got number 28!
4) Blackadder
I was hoping 29 was going to be "Are You Being Served"
On reflection, I think it was Happy Harry who got (30) right, not me
I was going to guess something relating to Space 1999 for 11, but that is clearly wrong.

Instead, I'll go for 28: is that "John Deed"? (although missing its "Judge")
23) That'll be Tenko.
28.Yes Prime Minister
I th th th think I've cracked #8 - very clever DG if I'm right!
Ha ha ha! Just clocked no 8). Very devious of you!
25: Fawlty Towers
11 - Miranda
Is #8 The Onedin Line?
Well done, that's every programme correct
(but in a record-breakingly slow time)

The 30 correct answers are...

1) Pennies From Heaven
2) Three Of A Kind
3) Top Of The Pops
4) Blackadder
5) Ever Decreasing Circles
6) Grange Hill
7) The Liver Birds
8) The Onedin Line
9) Porridge
10) Blankety Blank
11) Miranda
12) Watchdog
13) Nine O'Clock News
14) Not The Nine O'Clock News
15) Late Night Line-Up
16) Bob's Full House

17) Juliet Bravo
18) Children In Need
19) Blue Peter
20) A Bit Of Fry And Laurie
21) Play School
22) The Two Ronnies
23) Tenko
24) Softly Softly
25) Fawlty Towers
26) Multi-Coloured Swap Shop
27) May To December
28) Yes Prime Minister
29) A Question Of Sport
30) Doctor Who
That's because they were record breakingly difficult. Well done.
I did not attempt your quiz as I do not watch TV made programmes, only old films or the London news. However now you have published the answers I am quite pleased as I recognized some programme names in your list.
No wonder I coudn't get 8) - I was stuck on 1D = Wand. Ha ha.
Dear DG, a few quick words to say many many thanks for providing an excellent and enjoyable quiz on Sunday! I'm sorry we all took so long to solve the questions but hope we haven't disappointed too much! Having not had a television for nearly 20 years, I was trying to just use my brain to find the answers, sadly with not much success but then I'm not very good at solving crosswords either! Note to self - "I will try to do better next time".
So Mir space station is not instantly recognisable then, otherwise that's a pretty obvious clue. I'm afraid I got stuck on satellite plus the significance (or not) of the A being red.
The red A had me going off down the wrong track too. I tried, but failed, to make the answer Red Dwarf.
Wow The Onedin line - aired before I was born - looks pretty interesting! I might give it a look.

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