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Yes, 20 years ago it was a wholly different animal.

I occasionally cycle home through the park on my way home after a late shift and it does feel a safe place. On a summer weekend you'll get courting couples and the occasional group messing around on Boris bikes but it's regularly patrolled by pairs of security guards.

Even in the winter it's a not unpleasant experience, especially on a foggy night along Tessa Jowell Boulevard. ( I never knew it was called that although I assume you would have blogged about it at the time - apologies for missing said blog if you did.)

The Orbit lights tend to automatically switch off at midnight.
Such an asset to our part of London - that’s made me want to visit at night.
It's not always entirely safe - phones are regularly snatched out of people's hands by ne'er-do-wells on e-bikes (at all times of day), but as you say, it's a remarkable change from what was there before.

And I miss working there!
I was one of those tourists down the Orbit slide last Saturday. A good day for the view, and a fun 40 seconds. Also enjoyed the stunning views from 8 Bishopsgate, thanks to you.
Just as a bit of an aside, a lot of friends and family visiting London think that the city is very dark in general! Street lighting is very dim and sparse at times.
worst stitch-up in living memory... [16/8/2011]
THe lit-up buildings day in day out in these days of high energy costs don t make sense. It s ok to have light in walkways etc but why are the towers all lit up at night ?
The photos were taken just after 5pm.
I suspect pudding mill lane will become much more populated in time with several plans in the pipeline very close to there. Not least the Vulcan Wharf development which will inject a vast amount of people into the area, which I believe you have blogged about before.

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