please empty your brain below

An excellent month's body of work DG, really interesting and good to read.
Congratulations. That was interesting. Now everyone can debate whether or not they are actually the borough tops! Is there a geographer in the house?
...and maybe one day "London Borough Bottoms"? Has anyone listed the lowest points I wonder?
@on the bus

many of them will all be the same as each other, but change with the tides!
DG has forgotten to do the London Borough of Hillingdon , it's one of the highest points in London.
I live in Bromley and work in Croydon - so it's nice to see that we come out top of the London Boroughs for something
@Luke, he did Hillingdon on Aug 15.
London Borough Bottoms?
Looks like another possible win for Bromley, if one could count Chislehurst Caves :)
I've heard various adjectives describing my home borough but "classy" isn't usually amongst them ... thanks DG

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