please empty your brain below

"....although I'm saving up the rest for a deposit on that flatshare in Zone 4".

Ooh you snob!

As a graduate minute taker I find your observations disturbingly refined.

I feel like that in meetings where I am the highly paid technical consultant.

Luckily I know that nothing at work really matters that much that I should stress about it.

Mmmmmm apathy.

SO been there!

Spot on DG, spot on!

OMG, my get-rid-of-the-nasty-bar-so-DG-cheers-up spell has worked. Well... here at least. Clever Witch

Heh, been there, felt like that. Actually, twice per week!

You sum it up brilliantly!

I hate writing the minutes, I'm sure I miss off a few key points each time I take a sip of coffee.

I always write them up too late too, weeks after the meeting and days before the next one, so I've forgotten what my shorthand abbreviated scrawl actually means.

is this a comment about that polka-dotted lass who sat in yesterday's meeting and said nothing? In fact, she wasn't even introduced was she? I wasn't sure she was breathing at one point.

Just hopping over the pond to note that you've been nominated for a Thinking Blogger Award. Particulars at

ooh! Suzanne. I think you've just lit the blue touchpaper of disinterest, or is it disdain?

Thanks Suzanne.

But it's not an award, is it? It's a meme.

And therefore, as Gladys correctly suspects, I have no interest whatsoever in playing along.

Being a male I got a long way in working life before I was asked to take minutes. It seems the older folk (mostly men) running aound the corporate/government/NFP world still think young gals/lasses are sent to finishing or secreatrial schools.

A meeting is a place where the minutes are taken but the hours are lost.

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