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I usually sigh at the chorus of pedantic corrections which often appear in these comment pages rather than join in myself - after all, DG has just dedicated another evening of his life to our information and enjoyment out of the goodness of his heart. But...

“… Veer left for Brixton and right for central London.”

I haven't been since the pandemic started and my memory may be deceiving me, but I could have sworn that the descending escalator conveys passengers in a northward direction and that they subsequently veer left for Central London and right for Brixton.

Regardless, DG, your morning missives continue to be an important part of my morning routine, and are greatly appreciated.

dg writes: Regardless, fixed, thanks.
Today's report made me feel old(er) - I rode the new line from Blackhorse Road to Tottenham Hale on the day after the original opening - changing onto the train into Liverpool Street.
Were transport police at Vauxhall to deal with a certain new format cricket crowd from nearby? After all, the supporters have a reputation to build.

dg writes: No.
Intriguingly, the on-train announcements on SWR services into Vauxhall don't announce that you can change here for London Underground. Of the four SWR stations that interchange, I suspect that this is the only one (I'm not 100% sure about Richmond as I don't go down that way often).
Splendid pictures and some fascinating descriptions.
The history paragraph read somewhat oddly to me. My memory said that the Victoria line was completed in 1969 when it reached Victoria. Completed meaning that it then met all its initial expectations. Later on it was extended. But the extensions were separate projects.
I still think of the Victoria Line as a new tube line. Perhaps it's time to adjust my brain.
The useful reminder “that major transport projects delivered way behind schedule are nothing new, and generally come good in the end” is warranted tbh!

Who’s riding the Jubilee line extension in 2021 and complaining that their journey would have been easier if it was finished in 1998!
Although part of the bus station, the Vauxhall Pissoir is worth a mention.
Worth mentioning that yesterday was the anniversary of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.
Love that this article was posted at 00:50. Very appropriate!
People at Brixton generally board at the rear of the train.

dg writes: updated, thanks
(and probably now differently incorrect)

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