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Ah yes, the text reminded me to check out the side bar. Odd thing is, your photo collection reminded me of the photos my old colleagues used to take for corporate use.
Oh, all the excitement of the less-known parts of London! Did Magda ever get her cat back?
I recall briefly sampling Elthorne Waterside while walking the Capital Ring earlier this year, as it's a short diversion off the route. A strange place, London is now full of these hilly nature reserves, created from landfill, I wonder what makes them stop!

Impressed that the Metro dispensers at Northfields are properly symmetrical
Never get the thought process of someone trying to 'hide' in Google Streetview, if anything it draws attention to the location, like this house for example.
I have friends who liked to visit disused cold war bunkers in former East Germany. They were easy to find because they were blanked out on Google satellite view.
One of the best events when I attended university nearby in the 1980s, was a "cultural trip" to Southall!
We visited a Mosque, a Gurdwara, a Hindu Mandir and walked along the High Street marvelling at all the colourful sari shops and jewellery emporiums, before enjoying a slap up "taster" buffet at an Indian restaurant! Perfect for the Indian food novice that I was back then!
So close (Latitude 51.5005) to the "Brilliant" curry house once frequented by Prince Charles. Worth a visit if you like a good ruby.
@mikeS: An old Chinese saying: The more one wants to hide it, the more exposed it is.
@MikeS, I suspect your example is due to identifiable people being visible in the window. Such a photo is not permitted.
Streetview fuzzes out faces anyway - I have long forgotten the link, but I once saw a diamond jubilee poster fuzzed out, as if Her Majesty didn't want to be identifiable on the internet.
Thanks DG, I grew up close to Windmill Lane and I had no idea that the Sultan of Brunei had appropriated a large portion of it.
It was worth missing the Three Bridges a few hundred metres down the road/railway/canal (51.5044N, 0.3555W) just to find the wonderfully named Trumpers Crossing Halt.
I tried to enter 'Windmill Lane Ealing' into Google, and my computer froze half way through. That Sultan is powerful! (It unfroze a moment later.)
Been on a train through the site of Trumpers Crossing Halt. Probably 20+ years ago though. Was a shuttle from Southall to Brentford Dock. Organised by these people...

I think they still run the odd special down there.
Northfields station was originally a district line station on the other (west)side of the main road. It was moved and rebuilt in the 30s when the Piccadilly line came through and the TfL depot was built.

Elthorne park area has always been about 50ft above the canal/river water level but in early 1900s was lots of gravel pits to mine the gravel deposited over 200,000 years ago! The pits were later used for landfill and so can't be built on. A main sewer runs underneath to whet was a sewage farm and your "looking north" photo on the canal seems odd since the ground had been cut away for the overflow pit. Ealing sewage now goes down behind Sky TV (no comment!) to Mogden.

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