please empty your brain below

That MK Carlton chimney standing alone reminds me of Minimax corner in Feltham. Once the site of a fire extinguisher factory, demolished about 30 years ago, but the entrance gateway was left standing, isolated and alone. The gateway is still there but could do with a clean, looks neglected, and I doubt than many of the hundreds of people who pass it daily in buses, cars etc. notice it or know why it is there. Wonder if your chimney will still be there in 30 years.

As for the your photo of the view of the Olympic Stadium, I hope that graffiti is removed, for my eyes it spoilt the picture
Well Hoorah! And about time. I hope they also widen the towpath a bit as this section gets significant cycle traffic.
"in return for a reduction in the proportion of affordable housing" is a phrase which seems to be used depressingly often.
In about 2009 I think I remember this chimney being cleaned and incorrectly repainted with the word "Calton". Or maybe it was that it previously said Calton and was repainted Carlton. Can anybody enlighten me as to what was going on?

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