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Oh God, not more of this AI cr*p, I'm sick of Amazon, supermarkets etc telling me what I should like!

I know this a spoof but providers of anything should remember the acronym KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. I am an old guy, 78, but I am not so gaga as not to realise that this rubbish is never intended for the customer's benefit but always for the provider's.

Back to bus stop M please.
A 1am upload suggests this isn't a spoof!
Finally! It's so hard to determine myself what I like.
No, try that again, I didn’t understand it.
P.s. I’m not a Grandad! I’m a Grandma!
I don't believe you'd ever do this voluntarily but also 22 Nov was Wembley Brook. Aha!
Haha, now set it back!
Time for some grandpa software developers then
"software developers know what you want better than you do"

Usually it's management or marketing people who come up with these nonsensical ideas, looking for an edge to differentiate themselves from their competitors, or just jumping on the bandwagon because their competitors are already doing it.

The actual developers roll their eyes because they know it won't make sense but they need to do what they are told if they want to get paid.
A priceless post - I fear it will permanently show at the top of my feed!
So much better, random pickings from ages ago, Stasi, Sutton, out of date stuff in cupboards and queuing to buy a Travelcard. Not only just the topics I was wanting to read but never knew to look for myself but excellent associated reader comments too!
One of the most infuriating recent developments on the Internet that makes it worse for everyone, except possibly the website owners who see the stats of people sticking around for longer to scroll endlessly in case they might have missed something new.

You could also arrange supermarket aisles randomly just to make shoppers spend longer trying to find what they're looking for. You wouldn't make any shoppers happier, but you'd see more average minutes per visitor!
Have you been taking lessons from parkrun? Consult those who don’t engage; ignore those who do. All the best - and let’s see if I’m taking things too seriously.
If true, it's very unsatisfactory. If it's a spoof, it's disturbingly 'effective'. I'm tending to think the latter, as a cross-check of a couple of other blogspot-hosted blogs show they remain in chronological order.
The traditional order (to which I have reverted by clicking on the button marked "Snooze") was not strictly reverse chronological. The first word of each post occurs at the top, followed by the second, and so on.
Good to see you are letting out your inner Winston Smith. Double plus good!

As a plus for me as someone who lives in Germany it revealed an old Blog about the Stasi to which I had been oblivious so today is a double Whammy.

Off for my 5 minute hate now.
As a satirical post on today’s internet, this is clever and funny - well done.

Any website that assumes it knows me better than i do is proven quickly wrong when I stop looking at the website. Their “increased engagement” turns out to be a single comment or email saying “turn this off please”. Maybe a change like this will increase customer engagement and I am just a outlier, but this kind of change removes the attraction the website had in the first place, so really it is no loss to me.
Based on every other social network, I expect tomorrow's update to be the introduction of 'tailored ads', followed by the release of a premium 'DG Pro' version on the weekend to eliminate said ads.
At least on my local Facebook page I can change from 'most relevant' or 'nest activity ' to 'new posts'. But it is not clever enough to stay at 'new posts' even though it should have learnt by now that is what I keep changing it to.
feature . have You a everything can shuffle in
This is to make us come back every day because if we miss a day it's missed forever?

Good marketing trick. Although come the Revolution your marketing department will join Adobe's designers up against the wall
Bit early for April Fools'!
If it's true you've lost me.
I work for a software company and they have come up with a new search facility which is allegedly faster but returns the results as they are found rather than in any order which many people find useless.

On the plus side, all the "picking a place out of a jam jar" and "what's on Top of the Pops 1981" posts should be easier to find
Hence the previous days posts being all over the place date wise... god bless AI
'This is the future, grandad, get with the program'.

I felt like this yesterday at the doctors surgery, aka PCN Hub for Health & Social Care, where almost every poster for all sorts of health issues, support etc had no contact details except for QR (Quick Response) codes.

I am led to understand a 'smartphone or camera can quickly process the information contained in a QR code's specific arrangement of pixels, making it a convenient way to store and access data'.

Convenient for whom?
Ha ha, very good.

Though funnily enough, one of the posts near the top, about the BT Tower on the 16th February, I'd managed to miss, which is one of the reasons social media companies like non chronological posting.
No more transport.
Lucky you, Deborah.
I got a Sutton bus word search.
Following in TfL's footsteps with AI developments.
I like it.
Except 'click to older posts' doesn't seem to work.
I know this is a joke but I've actually really enjoyed seeing a feed of articles I've never read before.

I for one, welcome our new AI overlords.
Had also missed the BT Tower post.
I no longer know what's real and what's not!
It's doing my head in!

If this is the future, count me out!
I know this is just to get us (rightly) riled up but I do wish you had a better way of finding posts than the sidebar (which aside from the index seems rather not up to date) and the search feature which works okay ish most of the time but could use some more advanced features.
I'm almost positive this is a spoof. Based on the fact everyone seems to be getting the EXACT SAME non-chronological order.
Well done! A classic example of the enshittification of the internet, as initially described by Cory Doctorow.
Unfortunately there's a bug in this... see the bottom of the page where it suggests clicking for older posts... Should be "Click here for posts that are less relevant and engaging."
I, too, had missed the BT tower story…and I consider myself a daily reader.
It's rubbish. After today's post the next one recommended is from last week and I've already read it. The third one is from 2020. Been using the same web browser tab for your blog for months.
One more chance tomorrow then bye.
Aaaargh! He wasn't joking. Just trying to find something from the other day and now I"m stuck in 2015. What have we unleashed?
To be really current when one opens up the first post will disappear half way through reading to be lost for ever.
Ben: regarding random supermarket aisles, that's exactly what they do at Costco - loo rolls, something random then 72" TV screens. I haven't been for ages but hear of people impulse buying enormous goods, then wondering how to get them home.
Thanks to the wonders of the new algorithm, I now know that there used to be such a wonder as toffee frosties. I'm a little annoyed I missed them at the time, although whether it is better to have eaten them and had them taken away or never had them at all is a question for the ages
I think it's all a ruse to up the page view stats, as I have come back several times today to see if normal service has been restored.
By birthday is 22nd November but I disclaim any associated influence on the content or ramifications of today's post.

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