please empty your brain below

Wonderfully written. I wonder what happened to that lonely jaffa cake on the escalator...

Engagingly written.

I travelled on the Circle Line with my dog last night. I carried baby wipes and kitchen towels to ensure I left the carriage clean. I suppose a little doggie drool in the scheme of things isn't a big deal.

But I thought you *liked* jaffa cakes? It would have made a good mini-trifle had you picked it up...

I'm glad that the idea of healthy drinking has reached tramp-land.

They are the Eggmen. I am the Walrus. You are the Word Wizard.

I pray for the day to come when along with alcohol we have a ban on eating on Public Transport, eating is something that you should do at a table not walking along the street or travelling on a Bus or an Underground train, I boarded an Underground train at Mile End the other evening and there were empty chicken boxes all strewn across the floor, chicken bones all over three seats and two empty drink bottles thrown on the floor, along with various used tissues and drips of coleslaw, it was disgusting, if I ever need to eat when I am out and about I do it in a quiet corner and make sure that all of the litter is deposited in a bin, if there is no bin nearby then I take it with me until I find one, we need a zero tolerence approach to litter and the slobs who drop it.

Damn you, DG. I got all excited at the thought of Jaffa Cakes and then you went and put that horrible picture in my head and put me right off the idea. I suppose I should thank you, seeing as expats practically have to sell a kidney to buy the delicious orangey treats outside of the UK. Very vivid post, I almost felt as though I was standing on the eastbound platform with you.

Very amusing!

And it's true, it's so often the 'public' in public transportation that can be the main irritation. That's why people will do almost anything to keep to the safe, luxurious, hygienic cocoons of their cars.

What a pain! Indeed, commuting can be hell sometimes. Hubby is over in London this week for a family wedding. The first leg of his flight yesterday was from Charleston [SC] to Newark, NJ. Hubby is 6'5" and loathes air travel, as you can imagine, and Continental Airlines just doesn't care about his long legs. Anyway, flight was 45-minutes late leaving the gate; the plane then sat on the runway for 45-minutes. Finally airborne, but he was seated next to a 1-year old and a 2-year old (parents were in seats ahead, the morons) with dirty nappies and whiney voices. Poor chap! But at least they weren't on the Newark-->Heathrow leg of the trip. Love your blog, DG. I MISS LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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