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Thanks so much! Just booked: the first available date I could spot was 8 November. Must go back to Skygarden too, haven't been for years. Wonder how the plants are doing!
I've just booked, thank you!
It'll be a cold day in hell when I call it anything except the NatWest Tower.
Walthamstow has quite a few flat tower blocks these days but the absolutely enormous one going up above the Walthamstow Central new entrance is making Walthamstow a lot easier to spot from long or high distances.
I was caught out by how popular this would be - I didn't see much press/blog coverage of it, and with 22 Bishopsgate opening soon I assumed it would be a case of book a week or so before you want to go.

Having been up a lot of the tall buildings in London (I've got a ticky list) I feel I should go at some point, but with 22 towering over it, it feels like it will be redundant soon. Maybe by the new year it'll be quieter and I'll get around to it.
Now booked, so thanks. I went up the BT Tower on Sunday as part of Open House (and have been to several of the other high places in London), so this will be an excellent addition…
Today is press preview day for 22 Bishopsgate so expect to be reading a lot more about that imminently.
Thanks for the tip. Booked in 09 Nov.
I was up there yesterday too. Spooky coincidence! Really enjoyed it
Visiting high viewpoints in cities never gets old. Booked - thanks.
Rare of me to beat you on an opening but thanks to Ian from Visits I booked early and this was one of my last hurrahs to London before departing to the US. It is all as magistrally in the post, and more. There is obstruction to the South from the Walkie Talkie, but in general this is quite something.
One of the reasons I read this blog everyday -- thanks for letting us 'untrendy' people who don't read all the lifestyle magazines know about this!
No really, you just need to read Ian Visits.

He already has the lowdown on 22 Bishopsgate and he only got up there six hours ago.

""hence its (not yet widely adopted) nickname of the Jenga"

Is this your attempted sequel to The Dangleway?

dg writes: no, this is already its nickname.
Booked for tuesday morn in late november. What fun itll be! cheers dg.
When booking opened this morning, I got a ticket for 22 Bishopsgate in late September quickly and without faff. Many thanks for the alert.

dg writes: see you up there :)

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