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Did the nice lady at London Bridge suggest that next time you use a Southern Daysave Group Off-Peak.
Only available in advance from and on Southern Rail.
GBP47.00 for three or four people.
Any tips for newbies wanting to do this walk?
Many tips.
In multiple previous blogposts.
All linked.
Spare a thought for those of us doing the Mighty Hike from Brighton to Eastbourne in a couple of weeks in aid of Macmillan - the 7 Sisters come right at the end after 20 miles of walking! Tough but all in a good cause.
I've never started in Eastbourne, somehow Beachy Head feels more fitting as the climax to the walk than the opening slog!
One of the Rambler London groups had an overnight walk in the Seven Sisters planned this weekend. Cancelled because of the train strikes but it did sound like a very interesting idea to me.

I walked it for the first time during the Easter holidays. The trail knocks you out and invigorates you at the same time. I finished it already looking forward to the next time.
Must therefore be time for my biennial comment that I loved doing this walk, it's a wonderful place, but on completion - as I struggled deliriously through Seaford to the station - it was the most exhausted I've ever felt from walking.
My usual is just to do Birling Gap to Cuckmere Haven, stopping for a rest on the beach and returning but I really must re-do the full walk at some point.

Just an amazing experience.
For those of us with a Network Card rather than a Gold Card the Wivelsfield split would also work on weekends and bank holidays as there is no £13 minimum fare on those days.

It’s a great walk innit?
Also worth doing on a blue sky winter day,you will be quite alone for much of the time.
Well done on doing this walk, it’s an absolute favourite of mine although I’ve only ever walked it from Seaford to Eastbourne.

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