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I understand Walmer Castle had to be kept in a state of permanent readiness for the arrival of the Queen Mother, all year round, even though she'd only bother to drop by once or twice a year. It must have cost a fortune. Also, Deal has been renowned down the years for its loose characters of both sexes, not least the permanently p*ss*d and lascivious Carry On actor Charles Hawtrey. The town still has a bit of a louche reputation today.
Does Deal have loads of shops called things like The Real Deal and so on?
The basement passage at Deal Castle does get a bit damp. And dark. Take a torch. If I remember correctly, you can walk around the bottom of the (dry) moat at both castles. Walmer also has some holiday cottage beside the garden.
Walmer still has a suite of rooms ready for the Warden should they drop in. And yes, you can walk round the gardens in the moat too.

I was on the hunt for witty Deal-themed shops in Deal but, alas, failed to spot any.
I once had to stage a rather odd photoshoot at Walmer Castle when English Heritage was my client. I looked at going into Deal but as I couldn't find record of any model villages past or present, I didn't go. The deserted crazy golf is almost as good, though.
Pity you missed the RNLI classic car show on Walmer Green on Saturday. Glad you liked the beautiful painted buildings on the seafront.
I enjoyed reading this, thanks DG.

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