please empty your brain below

Is "Go track things down" something you won't do or something you might do?
I rather like the random post code idea. Seems DG-esque to me.
Maybe you want to reconsider aversion to football grounds (even though you posted that you haven't any sports empathy).

I visited all London football grounds on a single day some years ago. Maybe this is worth a blog posting.

Even if it's German (haven't had time and passion to translate the text) with Google translate you should get an impression.
The war memorials don't need tracking down! They are listed on the Historic England website, with a map! And many are on the Imperial War Museum website, or war memorials online, or one or more of several other websites too.

The idea to visit the communities in London from the 27 other member states sounded good to me. For Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria, the UCL website has "language trails" to visit key sites for each community -
I was going to suggest Visiting the London sites in the Heritage at Risk register. But when I looked into it, I felt that you had covered many of them already in your perambulations.
Random postcodes would be good, you could cut down the number by using only EC/WC postcodes
Whatever you decide to do, we're going to enjoy it. Happy Days. Just love your blog DG. Merry Christmas.
Apologies for not posting earlier but was travelling.

How about the 52 most pointless 20mph streets. I regularly travel two that have grass verges separating pavement and road, wider than normal road widths, and no school fronting them.

That will get you to parts of boroughs you would otherwise not reach.
"52 most pointless 20mph streets"

People still need to cross them, Ken
One year of not writing about WAR, death and destruction and please, please no more shopping topics either.

Ein Tag alle Stadien fand ich sehr gut. Wer h├Ątte es gedacht..?
How about visiting the least populated areas of the UK?
Or maybe visiting the approx. 50 medieval churches in London (w/o city).
Least used stations in London? - oh, somebody's already done that
[leats used lonodn dstatoin]
Postcodes have been done ( Streets that no longer exist sounds rather interesting.
How about "Walk the Overground"? Walk the Overground routes but at street level and see what you find. You love walking and you'd get a very interesting cross section of Inner / Outer London as a result plus a bit of Herts.
How about going to all the locations on the (London) Monopoly board?
Yes, I think John DLC's idea is really good. Maybe even an opportunity to show how it should be re-organised to catch up with the times?
Monopoly? Hasn't someone written a book - Do Not Pass Go.

DG has written about the putative location of the "Go" space. [1] [2]
Merry Christmas DG. I vote the Euro London one.
London railway goods stations - remains of, if any.

Eg Commercial Road Goods, Haydon Square Goods, Bricklayers Arms Goods.

The London Railway Atlas (4th edition) is a good source.

I'd love to find out all about the protected views of London, with photos. Do that one!
Walking the protected views would be a good one. I'd be interested to see how frequently you can actually SEE the protected building once you come down from the viewpoint at the other end.
The tick map brings to mind a suggestion for your 2018 blog project:
There are 53 'terminal stations' on the TfL transport network (52 if you ignore Highbury & Islington which is really a 'through' station)... why not visit each one randomly during the year and blog about what you find within a mile radius from the station?
List updated, thanks.

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