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Calvin Klein so the stations will be "Escape" and "Eternity" so the slogan will be ""Escape" from here to "Eternity""

it will at least be another way to get to/home from a gig the Dome when the Jubilee line dies as it so often does.

see, "Dome". i'm still calling it that - branding hasn't worked on me! :)

Dear $nameofblog=Diamond_Geezer, Wouldn't you just like to have YOUR name plastered all over......just link to....- you get the gist :-)

It will probably be O2 who sponser it just because it is near the arena.

I can imagine if it is sponsered by a telecoms company and it breaks down and you have to push a "call for help" button getting the following response.

Thank you for calling (Brand Name) cable car helpline. Your call is important to us, please select from the following options.

1. Your car is stuck in the station and will not depart.

2. You have arrived at your destination but the doors will not open.

3. Your car has stopped and left you dangling above the river.

4. Your car has left the cable and is now plunging into the river.

(Press 4)

I'm sorry all of our operators are busy, please stay on the line and listen to a tinny rendition of Greensleeves. Your call is important to us.

I have no ideas, but as a tourist to London, I WOULD use it; what ever it is called.

I'd welcome this particular sponsorship, because it makes it clear that it's a fairground ride (like the Eye) rather than a serious transport link.

I like fairground rides, but I don't think taxpayers should be paying for them

Apple could make the iCable Pod

Use of the tag - haven't seen that since the 90s...

Oops. Didn't realise it would make my comment blink...

I reckon either Siegfreid Insurance Ltd or Wah Shing Industrial Products Ltd. of Hong Kong.
Or better still a joint venture between these two. About time we had a bit of blitz spirit back in the East end.

My money's on Siemens, who are building an iconic (but of course) pavilion near the Royal Docks.

also, I thought Boris had already promised to name it after Vince Cable. I hope that ends up being its official name, in the same way that The Emirates stadium is officially known as Ashburton Grove.

Office Angels could wing their wingless wonders across the river.

Ford could attach cables to their Ka's - (ready made pods).

Cable and Wireless could install wi-fi in their pods.

Tate and Lyle could sponsor sugar cube shaped pods.

etc etc

I like John's idea of Apple: Cable iPod. :-)

I've got a crisp £20 for the pot if we can call it the: the "boris said this would not be publicly funded cable car"

The Evening Standard Cableway - 'Looking Down on Londoners'

The DynoRod Express 'Like a Turd on a Wire'

The blink tag does not work on Safari on a iPad, but did on Firefox on my desktop machine this morning.

I'm not sure why I feel the need to mention this.

I'm starting a new company called Zombie Escape Route... I will need a whole bunch of crowd-sourcing to get enough cash together, but I reckon a "Zombie Escape Cable Car" is not just politically sensible (taking away corporations power to dominate the visible landscape) but it may actually save lives when the unread rise up!

Not forgetting that the Heathrow jetways from the planes are all branded HSBC.

There's probably a Mornington Crescent style board game in this - to travel around London via the branding.

@Seani Fool: The unread are going to rise up? Better alert Blogger so they can cull them early! :-)

Lmao at "The Wonga Dangleway"

Either way, I'd rather glide over the river in a cable car, than walk/ride under it in a tunnel!

I reckon you're on to something with the London SKYline.

There was an article on this rampant commercialism in the TfL in-house rag, with one manager arguing for all this selling of names malarky and another against. If only they'd let us vote on it, rather than just letting two people sound off.

'The Grocer' trade magazine reports that TFL went a long way down the road of negotiating the temporary - 3 month - renaming of Oxford Circus to Oxford landing (an Australian Stepford Wine). Frank Pick busy revolving in grave. Thankfully TFL's usurious rate was too high for the Ozzie booze-barons.

I note DG that you were not far off the mark with some of your suggestions:

Was there a sweepstake? If so, who won?

The Emirates Air Line from Emirates Greenwich Peninsula to Emirates Royal Docks?

How bloody depressing.

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