please empty your brain below

Where was the fourth photo taken?
I’ve seen a postbox decorated like this on Herne Hill, but there isn’t enough detail in the background for me to be sure that this is it.
St Albans (or somewhere near St Albans)
It's "in London".
Collier's Wood?
It's at the junction of Abercorn Road and Belmont Lane, Stanmore (but I only know this from a Facebook post).
Well done Martin!
My guess would have been Hillingdon borough as that's where I first spotted them exactly one year ago when doing the Celandine walk, but they have spread into various parts of Harrow now.

I didn't realise they were fund-raisers. I thought it was a bit of fun for bored crafters during lockdown to cheer us all up!
Similar knitted decorations have appeared seasonally for several years on top of postboxes in St Albans.

For example, there were 82 for Christmas 2021. Sadly they do occasionally get damaged or taken.

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