please empty your brain below

I do enjoy getting Christmas cards. A cousin-by-marriage has sent me one with a pic of a white West Highland Terrier wearing a santa hat and wishing me a yappy Christmas. Daft, but I love it.

Lovely post DG, thank you.

Great post. Had a debate about sending one to a neighbour who's hubby died 2 weeks ago but as I just spotted her outside delivering her own cards, I wrote out her envelope with a smile.

my card list has remained the same for the last 5 years--6 in all. it's nice that you have maintained contact with so many friends & co-workers.

My list gets smaller every year too. It's not that I've got fewer friends, but for half of the new ones, I simply don't have an address. There's e-cards, I suppose, but I can't really see the point.

My list has dropped from 77 (1989) to 61 (1999) to 40 (2009), which reflects my life pretty acurately! Single, working & sociable in 1989 to married and living in America now. And tightfisted too now it's almost $1 a UK stamp!

23 cards every year since 1997. One thing I have noticed, I get more Disney cards as I get older!

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