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Another cracking railway article DG. Why don't you just come out of the closet and admit to being a keen railway enthusiast?

I'm already looking forward to your 'East London Railway: a welcoming' sometime around mid-2010!

Me, a keen railway enthusiast? I think I was the only person trying to take a photograph of that tunnel without a train in it.

Apparently it was graffiti at Shadwell tube station that inspired Paul Simon to write 'Poem on the Underground Wall'.

And 'Homeward Bound' was written at Widnes station - home being London at the time.

Didn't the ELL close for 1-2 years quite recently as well, or did I imagine that? The locals must be thrilled.

To avoid the inevitable collective of blokes with cameras, I went on my own little goodbye tour last Saturday. The Tunnel Tour was definitely worth a fiver.

I really couldn't be a trainspotter in real life though - the embarrassment of being stared at whilst trying to get pics of the murals at Shadwell on the way home was a bit too much for me.

Anyway, a fitting tribute, DG, thanks for capturing the memories of this tube line. Shadwell DLR has been impressively tarted up but it doesn't quite make up for losing a bona fide tube station.

Infrastructure Enthusiast doesn't have quite the same ring.

Did they leave any of the original brickwork exposed when they concreted the tunnel over?

As 'not a rail enthusiast' I like the term infrastructure enthusiast as that was what I was photographing yesterday - and it isn't me in DG's pics.

Yes the line has been shut before as DG points out. By the time it re-opens in 2010 it will have spent a 3rd of its last 15 years shut.

And yes, a section of original brickwork was left, it's the part of the tunnel beneath the museum at Rotherhithe.

The ELL was shut when I moved here 10 years ago and it'll be shut when I move on next year. I remember an estate agent telling me that the 95-98 replacement bus service was actually better than the tube service it replaced (not that I believe a single word they say).
Anyway, farewell to a little line with a LOT of history.

I'll miss it too - never got the chance for a last-day trip, but it did come in very handy when the Jubilee Line was buggered the other week. A very evocative little line.

The neighbouring Rotherhithe road tunnel opened 100 years ago on 12th June 1908. Pictures of the opening ceremony are here as well as pictures of the construction

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