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A nice walk. Shamefully I was unable to locate any of these places or stations in my mental map of London. An online search indicates that I have been nearby on numerous occasions.
As with Frank I’ve skirted all around this area but never been to any of the hills or shopping parades. One to add to a list of things to do.

Do you think the walk would be better in the direction you did or counter clockwise?
I have been to One Tree Hill several times, the view you get is very dependant on the weather. And David, if you cross it in the opposite direction the steps up ('not quite so many steps') are quite a steep slog and seem to go on for ever.
As someone who lives five minutes from Hilly Fields I can confirm that quite a lot of us know about this walk. I've done it lots of times but always starting at Hilly Fields.
A delightful post, and what a thriving area, all those events.

And I consider it morning until I've had lunch...
There is no such thing as a Dutch Elm except possibly in the Netherlands.

There are elm trees and most were affected by a disease which was called Dutch Elm Disease because it was identified by two Dutch scientists who specialised in studying plant diseases.

But yes, a pleasant-sounding walk that I hadn't heard of and I will make a mental note for a possible future visit.
The elm is named on a panel underneath as the 'Lewisham Dutch Elm', which is also its title on the list of Great Trees of London (even if, yes, officially it's a European white elm).
As an Arsenal man I am sure you will interested to know Hilly Fields is where Ian Wright learned to play football.
Hilly Fields yes. There’s a well named parkrun there. One Tree Hill on a walk. Not done the formal walk. A lovely part of the world. I believe the author David Lodge was brought up in Brockley.
This is the walk of my childhood. I was born, lived for 30 years, went to school and have buried ancesters all in this area.

When I first knew Ladywell Rec, 60 years ago, the river was still in its natural water course with Water Vole holes in its banks.[But it would flood blocking Ladywell Road. So pedestrians would not get wet feet Lewisham Council ran a service of dustcarts through the floodwaters with people standing on their rear platform. There is a picture on Flickr]. The concrete river bed came later.The 666 bridge replaced a single iron arch with steps all the way up and down.

The number of new trees over the last 60 years have reduced the views especially on One Tree Hill and Hilly Fields, but the view over Lewisham towards Blackheath has been spoilt by tower blocks now. Living in Cliffview Road gave a great view as the land drops away towards the north and a I was able to watch steam trains on their way to Hither Green yards.

Hilly Fields was more open then with prefabs along three sides, the foundations of which can still be seen during a dry period. I started school in January 1963 and it was a cold and slippery walk across the hill top four times a day.
Pedantic - There is indeed such a thing as a Dutch Elm. They are natural hybrids of Wych Elms and Field Elms. (Ulmus glabra and ulmus minor).

Dutch Elm disease is, as you say, so-called because it was first identified in the Netherlands, but Dutch Elm trees are by no means the only subspecies of elm tree susceptible to it.
A very pleasant walk on a stunning day! Very nice indeed.
You can say Good Morning until 1pm, or lunchtime, whichever comes sooner. It is well known.

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