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Is there a map of tube closures anywhere? The lists are hard to use , particularly if you live on / use several lines

dg writes: Yes.
One of the most miserable periods of my life was living through the never ending Jubilee Line closures in 2013 (I think) when I was in Dollis Hill. Endless rail replacement buses to West Hampstead for months and months every weekend.

Off topic but Clarnico Lane has already reopened to cyclists and pedestrians as of yesterday.
I wrote to the London Assembly rep responsible for transport to complain about all the planned engineering works happening on London Marathon day. I was also concerned about the never ending District Line works and the lack of publicity for them. Typical engineering led firm. Anyway, the nice man sorted it for the next year for whole network and improved publicity.
TfL have just released a press release about the weekday August closure, so now it's news.

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