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31. Waiting for the day that never comes.
23) perhaps this is where you got your stats from, but I'm pleased to see the unofficial lottery site is still churning away stats in all its 1994-style glory.
6. How can Red Leicester be a Cheddar? Aaarrrgh!!
21......I am pleased to hear that you have a working boiler now. šŸ‘šŸ» It's about time!
10. Digital broadcasts have an inherent delay in transmission of many seconds, especially HD TV. The time signal on DAB radio is no longer accurate.
18. Oxyacetylene?

If he was welding steel beams maybe. Oxyactylene torches require two large gas cylinders (one for oxygen and one for actylene). More likely a plumber's/gas engineer's blowtorch running off a propane variant (Mapp gas) or butane.

dg writes: Updated.
25 '99% of this decade is complete. I fear the final 1%'.

How profound. So do I,the potential implications are scary.

Glad the boiler is sorted.
6 - Yes. Yes. Yes. I could not agree more. Regular Mini Cheddars pale into insignificance compared to the Red Leicester kind, even if the naming doesn't make sense.
13 - perhaps the shiny eyed youth who've been politically groomed by the Pied Piper of Islington will realise that they have been led up a political cul-de-sac - all together now 'things can only get bitter'.

21 - you can relive the good old days when people had hot water 'on tap' for the first time - instead of planning ahead to have a bath, and to have it installed just in time to have it ripped out again to combat global warming.

23 - the odds for any combination of lottery numbers are equally ridiculously unlikely.
I'm so pleased your boiler is sorted out!

And Sarah, (6) I'm with you, that was my reaction.
Mind you, I'd like to try one. The originals taste of nothing.
16: Anyone who buys a property on Daffodil Crescent may well regret it. It is probably 'private' because, in a ruse used more and more by cash-stripped local authorities, it will be cleaned and maintained via the residents of the estate through their ground 'rent' and service charge levied by the 'developer'. One couple last week reported that they simply could not sell their property (except at a huge loss) because of what had quickly become an unaffordable fee
8, 12, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21: Michael Flanders and Donald Swann recount a similar tale in 'The Gasman Cometh'.
25. Is the 1% filled with noisy pendants talking about there being 13 months left in the decade?
6. Red Leicester Mini Cheddars are excellent, but the Blue Cheese variant are absolutely the dog's baubles.
25. Not being able to spell pedant is my favourite spelling mistake.
21) A wait of over two months to get your heating fixed is truly inexcusable, as any reasonable landlord would know. Our heating engineer is usually able to replace a boiler within a week. For such a long standing and presumably trouble-free tenant, a rent reduction would be the least you could expect, though I guess you've saved a bit on gas bills.
27 - so what are you getting out of it?
Jonathan Wadman, you beat me to it!
2. Despite the inclement weather, we thought there were more people at the fireworks this year, but maybe we were not standing at the same place as you.
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(but the majority have, cheers!)

Result!! šŸ‘šŸ»
30. I thought Iā€™d wait for no.30 and contribute a wry comment. All I have though is jealousy as our bill showed up yesterday and unfortunately our boiler has been just fine..
6. I have now realised that mini-cheddars are the little biscuits, and not the baby bels that I was picturing. Durh.

So of course there can be a red Leicester mini-cheddar Sarah. And I now have some blue cheese ones to try.

My bad.
29. Of course our Fredrik (Freddie to you) will solve the Gunners problems. Who can doubt it?

(One more day ticked off!)

29. Ars*n*l are back in their rightful place - below Tottenham. Long may it continue.

Dick Emery was awful. But I liked him.
3- Red Leicester mini cheddars - never knew they existed - will look out for them now

2 - Wonder what the significance of "portrait" and "landscape" is?

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