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Next door (on the south side) are two more constituencies that could remain blue, sadly.
Despite the predictions, I'd be very surprised (but pleased) if Bromley & Biggin Hill and Bexleyheath & Crayford residents returned Labour MPs.
I was in Old Bexley last weekend, as the tail end of my walk of London LOOP section 1. I was surprised by the number of pubs on the high street, with the Railway Tavern, the Tanyard Lane, The King's Head, The Millers Arms and the George. I did ponder going into the King's Head, with the smiling King Charles on it's sign, but I wanted a nice sandwich and the food there was Thai, so I went to the George instead.
Also predicted are three other London seats--two in East London-Romford and Hornchurch & Upminster--and one other, right next to Old Bexley & Sidcup--Orpington so just the two in South East London.

Here in Beckenham & Penge we're campaigning for Labour to win for the first time ever (at least for the constituents who live in Beckenham).
Rather snidey tone today.
A sex shop? In the age of online shopping? In a true blue town?

On reflection, no real surprise.
Would you Adam and Eve it. Just back from Ayre's (well the branch up the road from Sidcup) with a bag of goodies.
Goodness me. Are you ok? That's an even more negative take on things than usual. Did a former girlfriend live there I wonder? For balance, do invite a blogger from 'Old Bexley and Sidcup' to peruse the magnificence of Bow.
The Storyteller cinema actually looks pretty good, though I was amused by the detailed instructions given to anyone driving there. No mention of arriving by bus or train, so I'm not sure if no-one is expected to do that, or if public transport users are thought to be capable of working things out for themselves.
I was last in Old Bexley on the 29th May last year, and can confirm that the Old King's Head had the new king's head on it back then.
And not a single Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem or any other poster in anyone’s garden or window, not that I saw.
I've seen very few posters in my travels around London since the GE was called. Some LibDem ones down in Wimbledon is what I can recall. Certainly not seen a single poster here in Hammersmith (now the constituency of Hammersmith and Chiswick) which even with the boundary changes I expect Andy Slaughter to take. And nothing in the bits of Chelsea and Fulham (currently in conversative Greg Hands' hands), which is predicted to swing to Labour.
I'm expecting Sutton and Cheam to go from Conservative to Liberal. The representing party tends to swing from one to the other every few years. The last MP, Paul Skully (Cons), appears to have jumped ship in anticipation of losing his seat as he is not the Conservative candidate for the next election.
I remember the safe seat of Beckenham returning a Tory MP in 1997 with a reduced majority, in part due to his private life making the front pages. Most people voted LibDem or Labour. It’s sad to think the same could happen this time. If only one of them would step aside to finally turn this blue constituency another colour.

Anyway back to Bexley where despite Ted Heath they’re all proud to have got Brexit done…
Not all, mingles, not all.
Is it me or is the canopy over Ted Heath's former front door leaning a bit Left of [Conservative] centre? Just asking for a One Nation (as TH was) friend.
There are a lot fewer election signs around here compared with the last election. When this was a swing seat (Richmond Park) there were as many signs for politicians as estate agents, vying for your vote/mortgage.

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