please empty your brain below

Didn't ever imagine you being familiar with that sort of syntax, DG.

DG I think you may have forgotten to include something in sub commute.

tube (squash, grumble, signal failure, grumble, tube rage, heat, smelly, signal delays, squash, grumble, trip over bag, grumble).

Or is that just the Piccadily Line?

I assuming this code is open source.

Must be 1965 thing. My programming is so similar, except for the blog code.

Oooh look, he's matched up all the curlies.

I've run this routine several times now but it seems to crash on me at "sub wastetheday". Any ideas as to how I might change the syntax to correct the problem? For example, someone suggested that "sub getajob" might solve the issues although I have been reluctant to try this as I am not au fait with using that routine. (PS I am running it on Linux.)


*wants to suggest dg does an equivalent valentine's day card for all us geeks out there*

/ironic humour

Surely that should be if $fridge==empty?

One thing's for certain ... this code will probably work better than that used for Internet Explorer!

Just one remark: you only really need one 'commute' subroutine; where it is used again, just use Call commute (VBA). You could also save time by using for loops. However, this is just me being nerdy - either I've been a very good student on my IT course at uni, or I need to get out more...

Brilliant - I've recommended it to Boing Boing. (sorry!)

@The Girl:


Feeling subjugated???

Why not consider an upgrade to Apple iGeezer? It's reassuringly expensive and shiny, comes in a range of colours, you never really know how it works and when it stops or catches fire you get to be in all the papers and people still love you.

I do hope that this is valid CSS...

10 READ latest dg posting
20 PRINT "LOL!! ";
30 GOTO 10

That looks really shit in my RSS reader

*le sigh*

I thought it was funny, although didn't really understand it, then I'm just a girl!

With that program skill you may be able to get a better job...

Your choice; California or India.

#lunchgobble & #checknet


How do you terminate that programme? Does the termination function need to be preceeded by a retirement function? Or is it going to crash at some point?

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