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What are all the numbers?

Psychologist/sociologist introvert??

Is this mapping the collections of people inside and outside the pub door and how they group/interact with the introvert and each over the course of the evening. The upright stroke represents the door? The figures in bold indicate where the introvert is at any time...and would this be personal experience?

Spot on.
More here.

Thank goodness for blogs, eh?

I'd put good money on the percentage of introverts reading here being very considerably higher than the 25% your link cites.

And let's not unwrap the 'introvert'/'ASD' overlap...

Instead let's ask why people need to be categorised?

As far as I know 'Introvert' just means a thinking style of interaction with the world is prefered over an 'acting' style. It has nothing to do with any of the things assumed to show 'introversion'...e.g. shyness. Introverts are not shy. Shy people are shy. Someone can actually be shy and extroverted.

Were the bar staff included in the observation?

Not many smokers in that group....

Brilliant - both the post and the article. And as an introvert who is currently having to listen to someone talking for the sake of talking (sorry mother, but it's true) and indulging in inconsequential conversation, I can only sympathise. Nnnngggg.

Wow - That one had me all at Sixes and Sevens!

Great post, even better link, really good one to think about.

Thank goodness Waterhouse solved it or it'd be bugging me all day!

And that link provided me with so many 'lightbulb' moments! I'm an introvert, always on the perphery of groups of more than 2-3 people, not the antisocial b*****d I'd come to believe!!

Plenty of lightbulb moments here too.

"In balance sheet terms, introverts like to bring the mutual social debts as close to zero as possible at the end of every transaction. Extroverts like to get deeper and deeper into social debt with each other, binding themselves in a tight web of psychological interdependence."

This quote seems a bit abstract, but in his article, Venkatesh Rao puts his succint observations into layman's terms as well. Highly recommended. I had known since adolescence that I live as an introvert, yet perceived this as a disadvantage. Several years ago I encountered the Myers-Briggs personality test, and although I find it a bit fluffy in its approach, it helped me appreciate the advantages as well. Rao's text leads this to the next level. I think his is an approach even a very rational-minded person can appreciate.

Looks like a decent pub.

That late arrival could at least have made an effort.

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