please empty your brain below

How the feck do you survive on that little sleep WITHOUT CAFFEINE??????
He drinks a fair amount of tea, which contains caffeine.

We don't say it often enough, but thanks, DG.
Is the mystery count how many times you wanted to blog about kittens?
+1 for your readership numbers DG - I tend to read via RSS
Do orbital bus journeys around London count as play or travel?
Your travel (bus, tube etc) posts are very useful indeed, they will serve as a good reference in the future.
Re your blog visitors count - can you distinguish between those who read the post and those who visit, see it's another bus journey and click off somewhere else?

"I need to learn to ease off a little,"
I'd swear you say that every Feb :)
On tenterhooks for tomorrows reveal (or not!) of the Mystery Count!
I second Andrew's point, we don't say it enough but thanks for all the blogging.
I second Andrew's point, we don't say it enough but thanks for all the blogging.
I've just added up your figures for 2012. How sad is that?

169 + 167 + 287 + 49 = 672

But 2012 was a leap year, so Feb 2012 had 696 hours.

What did you do for the missing 24 hours, DG?
I want to echo some of the other commenters and say thanks DG. Your blog is essential reading every morning.

I can't wait to see if the mystery count has been achieved this month. I hope there's at least a clue as to what it might be if it hasn't.
I'm a recent convert to your blog and enjoying it very much DG, what you can't count with your statistics is the amount of enjoyment you create (spread the lurrvv) ... so thanks DG, and also to all your commenters (or are they commentators?) because sometimes the comments are just as much fund as the post
@Alan Burkitt Gray

I think DG has said before that he stops the count at the end of 28th February, even in a Leap Year, to avoid skewing the statistics.
DG - would this explain the Mystery Count being zero - is it number of times a lady proposed marriage to you?
Is sitting on an outer London bus travel or play? For most people I expect travel, for you perhaps play.
@ timbo, in these days of equality ladies probably don't wait for leap year to propose. another website I look at regularly is a fundraising project by an animal shelter, a webcam showing (wait for it) live KITTENS!!! the man who set it up appears frequently, and apparently he gets proposals of marriage from viewers nearly every week, presumably because he likes kittens so must be the ideal mate.
I was thinking exactly the same as the anonymous poster from 08:50am. I 'read' the blog every day regardless, but I'd say 10-15% of entries I only skim (...while others I revisit to check on later comments). I suppose a visitor is a visitor though...
I wonder if the increased time spent blogging will affect the chances of a positive mystery count!
A few years ago I had about half a dozen blogs that I looked at daily and several more that I checked a few times a week. Now the only one I bother with is DG (many of the others have now ceased to be or the bloggers post rarely). Your dedication in posting everyday is unusual but very much appreciated.

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