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Anywhere else in Kent (within 10 miles of London)?
Sissinghurst Castle Garden is worth the trek if you can get the public transport lined up.

dg writes: 23 miles
Chiddingstone Castle (which is not part of the NT).

dg writes: Added, thanks.
Squerryes Court?

dg writes: Hmmm.
And Quebec House?

dg writes: Already in the list.
What about Gravesend or is that too borderline?

Your write-up from 2013 wasn't overly enthusiastic about the place but apparently there's now an ex-nuclear bunker open to the public which might be worth visiting.

dg writes: As far as I can tell, (£5, 7.30-9pm, 3rd Friday of the month, pre-book)
Perhaps worth marking Lullingstone Villa as EH (surprisingly few of them, compared to NT, near London).
Thank you - a great idea. A few suggestions:

Otford Solar System, blogged on 10 July 2008

Otford Heritage Centre open M-F 0900-1200, SSuBH 1430-1630.

Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve & Jeffery Harrison Visitor Centre

Great Comp Garden and Old Soar Manor NT both near Borough Green (I think these are just within 10 miles of the boundary).

dg writes: Updated, thanks.
The Riverhill gardens just beyond Knole are good, but you'd need a car.

I visited the Gravesend bunker in March, its excellent.

Otford also has the ruins of a bishop's palace.

Squerres now shut. at Castle Farm, a farm shop (with lavender) near Lullingstone

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