please empty your brain below

Are you going to Weymouth by any chance?

I've also been on holiday this week... Camping. It Rained.



Hope it doesn't rain, though being a bank holiday weekend...! And I want to return from living in the sunny States to this??! :0

Got to be Weymouth, as part of the 'Not London 2012' theme...

Got to be Spain, to escape the rain?

OMG, so it's all true. I'd started hearing about rain in England towards the end of my stay in Switzerland, but I never thought it could be >that< bad... not in the latter part of August.
Well, I flew back into Stansted on Thursday night and my homecoming was greeted by a wet and dismal (motorbike) ride into London :(
Hmmm... I'm now wishing I'd stayed in Lugano... it was fantastic there.
Sorry you don't appear to have had anywhere near as good weather as I did.

Oh yeah... AND they'd closed the Blackwall Tunnel southbound (Grrr)
Hmmm... don't remember seeing any tunnel closures over in Switzerland.

Well, it couldn't have been the Cart & Horses. That's always packed!

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