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According to the timetable, regardless of the time of day, every journey takes 18 minutes, your account states that with Saturday shopping queues, its already around 11 minutes late before the halfway point northbound - which is kind of impressive, this has been reduced to 7 minutes by the terminus.

It passes or goes near 3 schools, I wonder what the record will be for the longest '18 minute' journey?
If TfL aren’t doing printed material anymore, then they really ought to invest some time in making sure the online maps work properly for hail and ride sections!
I thought there was some sort of review of hail and ride services, because of how they're generally a bit confusing and there's no way to know where you're meant to hail one.
I live adjacent to a hail and ride section of R470. In fact it stops at both ends of my street! I can assure you that it works very well. Sometimes, the bus stops 50m from another 'stop', sometimes the driver or passenger will consolidate the stop at a minor inconvenience to the exiting passenger. I will look up the review. Thanks.
Any idea why the route couldn't just have been made a bit longer to terminate at the bus stand?

dg writes: Because 60% longer isn't 'a bit'.
But it wouldn't cost any more to carry passengers over that extra 60%, would it?

dg writes: It most likely would.
DG says readers really want to read a longer report with lots more photos.

I come to DG because I want an authetic narrative with just right amount of pictures.

Which I have got.

Thanks DG.

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