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In the early 1960s, I saw the Royal Train pass through Smitham station (now Coulsdon Town), hauled by an electric locomotive, en route to Tattenham Corner. I spotted Her Royal Highness in one of the carriages and I think she waved at me.
On the day of Diana's funeral I had a car service booked. The garage cancelled it as a "mark of respect". There is no evidence that Diana had ever visited the garage nor owned a Vauxhall, so I took my custom elsewhere forever.
I was walking down the quiet end of Floral Street en route to a memorial concert at the Royal Opera House in the early 1990 when a grubby-looking Ford Mondeo stopped immediately ahead of me. The rear door opened and a very shapely pair of legs emerged and there stood Princess Diana looking as glamorous as you would hope/expect.

I encountered many royals during my time as a journalist, none better than the late Princess Lilian of Sweden - a Welsh woman with razor-wit and sense of fun.
The Queen visited Abu Dhabi in 1979, and I was part of the school band that played the National Anthem for her visit, and I was the only one to dress up properly in bowtie etc. Later, by coincidence moved to the UK and to Windsor so saw regal heads an awful lot.
In 1986 I glimpsed the top of Princess Diana's head as she did a walkabout in Exeter after opening a new swimming pool.
I'm told, and there's a photo of the general event, that I made Charles laugh when I was about seven.
I have never so much as glimpsed a member of the royal family.
Several distant views of her Majesty but a couple of years she came to open our brand new shopping centre in Bracknell. Got some good close up shots including her eying up the goods in one of the kitchen shops which happened to have a sale on.
On 12th November 1987 my entire primary school trooped down the hill to the local park to see Princess Diana. She went straight from her helicopter into her car and ignored us all!
In 1951 Queen Mary (the Queen Grandma) visited a maternity home and commented to my mother that my newborn sister was "damp".
Outside Westminster Abbey, Commonwealth Day 1999, a short concert organized by a friend to celebrate "Black British Music". Attended by the Commonwealth Heads of State, and the Queen. Caron Wheeler stepped up to the mic, the drums for "Back To Life" began: she said "I hope the Queen....feels the her womb"
Malcolm wins this, can't be bettered...
Travelling home from school in 1980s the bus used to go via Wolverton (station for Sandringham). Two old dears were chatting over the garden fence. One starts waving at the bus. Being ignorant teenagers we ignored her, comments of "daft old bat" etc. As the bus pulls away we see the pristine Landrover with beuniformed driver, and one of <snip>
I glimpsed the Queen from a distance on 13 May 1981 when she attended the opening of the Wood Green Shopping City. From memory, she was very small. And not just because she was long way away.
I was walking along The Mall years ago when a policeman walked into the middle of the road to stop the traffic and let a car with a small figure dressed in pink to pull out.
I'm guessing it was Betty Bowes-Lyon.
1984, was 15, long sponsored walk. Soaking wet day. Started fast with friend to be first home as was our tradition. 5-ish miles left, crossing Balmoral estate, Range Rover appears in distance, pulls-up alongside. Passenger window descends. 'Hello!' says Queen. Phil driving, back seat full of corgis. Good five minute chat, always thought it was nice of them to stop.
Only seen the Queen much at Lord's during an Ashes Test. Was much nearer Adam Jones though
I see the Queen several times a day; I'm a postie.
I was in Royal Navy in Portsmouth for Charles wedding 1981, Travelled to London in uniform, found a spot at back of crowd in The Strand. Police Officer spotting my uniform parted the crowd and said "Come on Jack. This is your day." and moved me to the front. Unfortunately none of my photos came out.
In 1997, in preparation for Princess Anne opening our new offices, there was a day of rehearsals to check the timings of the official visit. Our finance clerk played Anne and I was one of her entourage, touring the building practising our regal waves. Unfortunately, I was unwell on the big day and missed the whole event.
Accompanied a friend to his DoE Gold Award ceremony. I was the only non-parent guest and far taller than all the parents. DofE arrives and greets the guests. Thought he was bound to single me out for a chat as the odd one out, but instead he just gave me a mystified glance and moved on
I saw Prince Charles at the National Theatre watching The Madness of George 111. The whole area in front of our row was empty until the royal party entered as the play was about to start. He sat right in front of me and you could hear him chuckle.
On Friday 10 June 2016 I was invited to the Service of Thanksgiving to mark Her Majesty's 90th birthday held in St. Paul's Cathedral. We were seated one hour before the service started at 11 am. Yeoman Warders stood to attention, halberds at the ready, as the Queen entered accompanied by The Dean. An unmissable experience.
I was crossing Picadilly in the 2000s and was suddenly nonplussed by the invasive presence of two assertive bodyguards accompanying Princess Eugenie (or maybe it was her older sister?) crossing the other way.
In 1969, the Queen and Prince Charles drove through the Rhondda as part of their whistlestop tour of the Principality. Children were allowed time off school to line the route.

My abiding memory is that that bit of road had been resurfaced and the car traveled too fast to get any more than a glimpse inside. My cynicism was awakened.
On the opening night of the Olympics, between the Blackwall Tunnel and Bow, I stopped to watch the police (seemingly) checking for motorists using the 'Games Vehicles Only' lane. By chance I'd found an ideal place to see President Obama's motorcade, followed a few minutes later by the Royals.
In 1980, whilst learning to drive in York in a BSM Mini, I gave way to a rather aggressively driven Escort XR2 coming the other way down a narrow street. Randy Andy was at the wheel. He was doing flight training at one of the North Yorkshire RAF bases. He didn’t acknowledge my kind gesture.
i also attended that Commonwealth Day and was at somewhere in St.James to photograph every handshake as the Queen met the assembled Heads of State.
i was not that close nor using flash so the job was challenging and at one point i genuflected briefly so as to get a shot of the Queen from waist-height for a more flattering photo of a short person .. only to be hoicked up by the collar from behind by a pinstriped plainclothes who disapproved.
In 1957 the school I was a small part of celebrated its 400 year anniversary, and (as you do) invited the Queen to come along. I remember being lined up with several hundred others for inspection by HM. She opened the new Science Building, thereafter called the Queen's Building.
It was 1957 and my school was 400 years old. The Queen, who was young and beautiful, visited us for a couple of hours. She and Prince Philip watched me for a few seconds in the fencing display. Four years later, I took a posey from the headmaster's garden to the Palace in remembrance of her visit.
I was at the reopening of the Royal Institution, around 2008. Peter “Great Wen” Watts and I were asked to guard the handbag of historian Lisa Jardine while she got to meet Her Maj. We then witnessed the Queen snub some of Heston Blumenthal’s liquid nitrogen ice cream, though Philip was very keen. Odd day, and no security check, as I recall.
Working in a West End Theatre in the late 60's, after the show Princess Margaret came backstage. She was clearly very 'merry' chatting away with all and sundry. I remember being surprised at how beautiful she was.
1962 Edinburgh. As a recruit in the RAF I participated in route lining on the occasion of the royal visit of the King and Queen of Norway to Scotland. Excellent view of our Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in open carriage as I presented arms as they passed by.
Around 1964 HMQ had cause to drive along Forest Road in Walthamstow. My primary school prepared for this event for days before. National Anthem was practised. Small flags on sticks were crafted (but none were allowed to be predominately red). On the day we were inspected for uniform violations, unwashed faces etc and crocodilled the 100 yards to the route's curb.
1952 Edinburgh. My dad worked in Customs & Excise and managed to get a family sized space by a window in their office in Waterloo Place to watch the royal couple process in an open carriage. Even at the age of 8 I was impressed by how young she looked.
Saw queen's small motorcade as I was getting on my bike outside UCL union on Gordon Street one mid 90s night. Followed at an unsuspicious distance. Car entered side of Euston station, queen alighted, borded train, flunky closed train door, whistle was blown, train departed.
I met the Countess of Wessex when she visited Chelmsford Cathedral. A lovely lady, softly spoken and down to earth who wore the most beautiful brooch. I still remember the intensity and radiance of it's colours to this day.
The Southend Street Pastors were given the Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2016. I (as Chair) and one of the Team Leaders were invited to the Lawn Party at Buckingham Palace in May. We saw most of the Royal Family at very close quarters as they walked round the crowd speaking to selected citizens, but sadly not to us!
The Queen & Duke of Edinburgh came to open a toilet block at a Scout campsite in Sheffield. I was one of the Venture Scouts lining the path. The only person from my unit the Queen spoke to on the way up was Vicki… annoyingly also the only person Philip picked coming down. Some people never forgave her for hogging the limelight.
Prince Charles came to my neighbourhood to open a sports centre 10-15 years ago, but it wasn't publicised, so I missed it as I was at work.

That's it, as I still haven't been picked to attend the annual Garden Parties on behalf of our organisation. It appears older colleagues closer to retirement are considered first.

M@ - Lisa Jardine was considered royalty by us EngLit students, her Shakespeare lectures were always packed, even though they were first thing on a Friday, so latecomers would end up sitting in the stair aisles.
In 1985 I bobbed a curtsey to Princess Anne as she handed me a diploma at university graduation!
Ten of your stories now added, thanks!
I noticed the Queen's corgis doing a coordinated pincer maneuver around some oik at The garden party...they noticed me noticing them and clearly would have cornered me if there had been more of them. Queen was in the distance and lots of brown-nosers between us so, no likelihood of my getting any closer.
In 2002 I was in place on The Mall when Her Majesty headed to St Paul's, was still there hours later when she was paraded back to Buckingham Palace, and had a prime spot in front of the gates when the whole family stepped out onto the balcony.

I didn't actually see them, being visually impaired, but I still love a good Royal event. .
I saw Prince Edward descend an escalator in T2 last year. Unbeknownst to me, Britain's Busiest Airport was also filming, and the shot of him coming down the escalator is in the opening montage of the most recent series.
Two for one: Queen and Emperor Hirohito in Whitehall on a state visit, early 1970s. And I was at Cambridge same years as Charles, saw him around the place.
(As an aside, I've been genuinely shocked at how many of these anecdotes have been from a long time ago. I wonder what the DG Reader age range is - have you ever done any of that research DG?)

dg writes: (Yes).
In 2005 I was at work in Docklands when the Queen came into the newsroom. She was wearing a red hat and a dark red coat and had just officially opened the building.
I was walking past the Palace one lunch hour when the police at the gate suddenly jumped into action. It was summer and plenty of tourists were there. A Jaguar emerged from the arch and drove toward the gate, in the back alone was the Queen, no rolling roadblock, no outriders, nothing. No tourist noticed her and she was gone.
In about 1947 I saw the then king, George VI, and his wife Queen Elizabeth – the present Queen’s parents – at the re-opening of a large multi-sports club in (I think) SW20, whose grounds had been requisitioned for military purposes during the war.
There weren’t the hordes of press that you see nowadays, and the royal couple were able to stroll around informally and watch various demonstrations. I heard the King say to the Queen, “Would you like to come and see a low game?” – which turned out to be bowls. (Being a child, I didn’t get the joke.)
Silver Jubilee year, 1977, we were on holiday in Weston-super-Mare when the Queen made a visit to the town.
I didn't see her again until 40 years later when she was making a visit to Canterbury Cathedral.
Oct 1972, at the opening of the Story of the Earth exhibition at the Geological Museum in South Kensington, I was in the short line-up to ‘shake hands’ with the Queen, Phil and the two young sons, plus other personages. Then in the early 80’s I gave Princess Margaret a tour of part of the Treasures of the Earth exhibition and my daughter presented her with a bouquet. M. was a lively personality with a great sense of humour. The GM is no longer there as, apparently, geology is not important any longer.
In 1977 the Queen drove through my hometown as part of the Silver Jubilee.

All of the schools took us out to line the streets.

I managed to hit the rear side window of the car with two stones before a teacher dragged me away by the ear.
In 1990 or thereabouts (I was 7 or 8), in the adventure playground at Tatton Park, I was playing alongside two boys of a similar age. One pointed out he had the same Clark's trainers as me, I replied they were a different colour. On the way home my mum excitedly told me it was Princes William and Harry.
Around 12 years ago I was on a works outing on the boat from Westminster to Hampton Court when a launch displaying royal insignia approached, with Prince Charles on board. Everyone waved politely, and I whipped out my camera and snapped the empty stern just behind him.
I was in Scarborough hospital in 2001 with a duodenal ulcer and was bored rigid so went out for a stroll wheeling my drip. Whilst outside a helicopter containing Prince Andrew landed on the hospital field. I stood and watched as he got out, shook hands with onlookers, myself included, and got in a car to go elsewhere.
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A colleague and I stood chatting in a corridor, when a group emerged at speed from around the corner. The bodyguard didn't manage to move us in time, so they had to walk around us. My colleague's eyes popped out as he recognised Princess Anne.
1972? BBC 50th Birthday exhibition, Princess Margaret enters smiling & doing that strange wave that only the royals do ( The one that resembles the screwing in of a lightbulb).
I saw Philip at a Centenary dinner at the Whitehall Banqueting Hall, in 1999 for the the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. The Protection Officer next on our table. Philip also came to an event, in our main lecture theatre. Not enough academics signed-up so we were extra 'bums on seats'. Instructions were to stand for his arrival, remain standing for the National Anthem. But it didn’t start, we still stood, he obviously couldn't understand why. So he asked us to sit, we did, the music started, we jumped up again, much to his amusement.

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