please empty your brain below

I heard on LBC radio this morning that there is no Easter Bank Holiday Fair at Hampton Court this year because of the cold weather.
I have got fed up with the UK cold and I am getting the boat to Spain on Tuesday! (dislike flying) but I think it turns cold there too the day I arrive.
Do not forget the Passion Play in Trafalgar Square today performances at 12noon and 3.15pm
Don't want to make you envious, John. It's 17ÂșC now where I live in the North of Spain.
Very cloudy though, and the forecast is it's going to rain. Don't forget your raincoat and umbrella - in Spain it ALWAYS rains around Easter time.
Hope you enjoy your stay anyway.
Thanks Pepe, at least rain is warmer than snow!
I'm getting ferry from Portsmouth UK to Santander Spain, then heading across Spain to Alicante.
I hope the sun shines some of the days.
32 degrees in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this afternoon (and I was out playing tennis for and hour!). Due to increase to 37 degrees circa Wednesday. I was kinda glad to return here after 3 days in London last weekend.
we raise a glass to you, xmb !
A friend of mine also fled to Alicante, from Hertfordshire. As she describes it, "From snow on my boots to sand between my toes."
Have a happy holiday, John.
Should have great weather in Alicante. Might not need your umbrella after all.

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