please empty your brain below

it's like you can see what i'm wearing!!!

Re the Pippi Longstocking hats it's great to see so many people can get into the hat they had knitted when they were six.

They're for the 'girlfriend' to hang on to, TIC. (The other lovehandles are hidden under the padded overcoat).

As far as I'm concerned London Fashion Week is so far fetched from reality that it doesn't even register on my London radar! Granted it's supposed to put 'mega millions' or whatever into the 'London economy', whatever that may be, but I don't think any of that will filter down into my pocket!
I'm more than happy to shop at Primark.It's cheap, cheerful (though not the staff,but on their low wages...)& good basic clobber. A few years ago a mate of mines brother came out of prison & was amazed to find how much he could get for twenty quid there!
But 'London'Fashion may as well be 'On Another Planet' Fashion Week!

I went to the Warhol exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, and bought a few things in the shop.
They actually *gave* me a black canvas bag with a dayglo logo, to put them in.
It's just sooo 1969, and I didn't even have to pay a penny for it! :)

More heart than sole!

Heh heh heh!

You know, this sort of post is the reason I love DG's blog. Glorious use of the English language to burst (gently) the bubble of the pretentious.

Another spot on post! *stands up and applauds DG*

You had fun writing this, didn't you? I'm impressed by how long you could keep going!

Marvellous, as ever, simply marvellous. Cxx

Don't forget the "Pratt Hats" too.

So funny! Such eloquence!

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