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Thanks, I have posted off a cheque to the Bow Safeway Site Action Group.

Ta muchly for the postbox links. Have recently moved to a bit north of London and hadn't seen one in this 'ere village, but now know where it is! :D

T£$co up to their usual tricks again.

How depressing.

The only way to deal with them is to boycott them totally. Don't give them your pounds.

Trouble is, people deplore their business model and practices, but continue to shop there on some pretext such as, "But it's the nearest shop to me/It's so convenient/It's cheaper."

And with the best will in the world, a protest group in one of the poorest areas of London, even helped by a few pro bono lawyers, will never successfully take on the top flight QCs T£$co will engage (in the long term).

Which is exactly why T£$co Rule Britannia as they now do. Local councils daren't take them on because they can't afford to, so T£$co get whatever planning permission they apply for, at whatever cost to the local area.

The only way to stop them is to boycott them totally. Really.

I have been using the ``UK Postboxes'' app on my iphone to find the nearest postbox when I've been travelling for work. It's been great in and around London, and seems to be improving its coverage out here in the sticks rapidly.

it is so wrong that you have more snow than i do (connecticut,u.s.)!

"Most impressively, the last collection times for each postbox are given"

Unfortunately DG, the "last collection times" are a guide only. If you look at the notice on the door of the postbox, it generally says something like "This postbox will be emptied at an appropriate time during the day" and then gives a time in a much bigger font. So, if the box is full by lunchtime (or the postman happens to be passing and doesnt feel like coming back at 5.30 because he wants to bunk off work early) it will be emptied then (and only then). So the "last collection" theory is total bunkum.

My God that Black's let himself go a bit..

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