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1. If there has been an increase in visitors in Poland, this is because of Poland’s role in harvesting data for AI.
311000 steps but doesn't seem to have the same impact on my waist line as your half a million
2 - You're welcome.

236,277 steps
How regularly do you have to replace your trainers? I'd love a blog on your "kit list" or whatever YouTubers call it.
Ed. As Prussia's gay King Friedrich so rightly said. Jeder soll nach seiner façon selig werden. Or lit. Each to their own.
10) Number of no-go areas not unvisited
That’s a very impressive number of hours actually writing your blog - 0ver 40 hours per week ! Thank you - it's appreciated
300,209 steps thus far.
170 hours bloging a month! I suppose I never comprehended the personal cost of maintaining this level of writing, but much appreciated. 45 diapers changed this month for me.
Just to re-iterate Brian 170 hours in a month is more than than many people do in a full time job so thanks for putting in all the effort. I hope you have as much enjoyment writing it as I (we) do reading it.
February still has two days left, so these numbers will be inaccurate?
I shouldn't skim read, doh
I didn't do it specifically but I always track my swimming. So I can tell you in February 2024, I swam exactly 1,500 lengths in 25m long pools, which works out as 37.5km. That was 12 swims, done in four different pools (happily for the maths, each pool is 25m long.)

Down from 1,932.20 lengths over 17 swims in Feb 2023 by the nature that I was away on holiday for a week this year. And if you're wondering about the .20 (and who wouldn't!) in February last year I did a swim in a 33.3m pool, and a 27.5m pool. So I had to standardise the results (100 lengths in a 33.3m pool being 133.2 lengths in a 25m pool.)

Exciting stuff I am sure all will agree!
One thing driving visitors is that the RSS feed has been so flaky, you sometimes need to go direct if you want to read it on the morning a post is published.
Sorry Henry, I have no control over RSS timing. That said, it’s not delayed any posts this month until the afternoon (and only twice later than 9am).
I can remember kettles being banned on spurious health and safety grounds.

It resulted in an increasingly tense standoff between my manager (kettle owner) and his manager that I thought might result in a fight breaking out.

But they never took his kettle away.
Well you know what they say; A dime dozen is a dozen of dimes.
Think it's time for another thank you for taking the time to write this blog. Been a constant companion for years (probably pre-2010? but later than early 2000s). Thank you
Five books read completely
One train journey (but it was 16 hours long)
One blog read every day
7 - what sort of sick working environment bans kettles? That's asking for a revolution.

dg writes: my company, in 2004
I notice that submissions to hacker news linked to you have increased since 2022

This might help your numbers a bit.

dg writes: only 7 of those 26 submissions have had any significant effect (but one was last week, and bumped up the February total by about 5000).
Once again I'm amazed at your dedication.
I'm far too forgetful to count things - it's hard enough remembering the important stuff!
Many thanks for all the work behind these stats from one of the 10%, particularly helping entertain me during an extended hospital stay over the last few months, now followed by mostly housebound recuperation; as you say, you never know when leaving the house might no longer be possible.

Not sure what it says about me, but after all these years I still chuckle at the little picture of The Count.
I visit, religiously, every morning for my start-the-day dose of 'Vitamin UK'. As an expat (for almost 25 years), I find it harder to keep the wistfulness at bay without that daily intake of the news of the Cummings and Goings of London life - DG is the 21st Century Pooter!
Interesting how much more radio you listen to compared to TV, since the digital switchover back in the day, the radio just became extra TV channels and I 'watched' more radio.

Since lock down in 2020 this changed again to the internet, my consumption of broadcast TV and radio is now almost zero - the variety of programming on YouTube is wider and better quality than it used to be, plus knowledge nerds can outperform the more generalist programming on broadcast media.

dg writes: this helps explain the warped blinkered worldview you’ve developed since 2020.
I have an inkling the mystery count is relationship/sex orientated.

Could it be as simple as the number of physical interactions with the opposite sex?

I mean you had a 0.3 one year, I have had a number of those and they are frustrating to say the least.

I should on this day of course be joining the plethora of commentators praising the time you take to produce the blog (thanks) but this mystery count is bugging me.
I regard finding a post about Bexley buses or Barking benches as having won first prize in the lottery of life!

But the thing most likely to get me cantering into the commenting zone is a vintage medley of buzz-phrases and marketting mumbo-jumbo, which is parodied so perfectly here.
On the Mystery Count, and the 29th not being counted:

Has the Mystery Event ever occurred on a 29th February?
On RSS feeds:

I'm one of your uncounted followers by RSS (and accept the vagaries of both the system and my aggregator); normally it's absolutely fine as a service.

It did rather give the game away the other day with the "algorithm style feed / PO Tower-Hotel" post though!
Penny - sadly you have failed today's reading comprehension test.
I don't think I've commented so far this month but don't want to be left out of The Count.
491,484 steps
Another thank you to add to the list. Yours is one of three sites I read every day; a great resource for obscure trips out to under the radar places!
Let me share two counts.

Days I have taken the peak-hour coach service to work this month: 18

Total journey-minutes spent on the said coach services: 498
Count 7 (Tea intake)
Reminds me, when I get time, I must go back and re-read some of your pandemic/lockdown posts from the early days (March/April 2020) and re-live the experience.

Mercifully it is behind us now but they were strange strange times.
10) More Mystery Count clues!
1. You're unimpressed by the lack of it and
2. it's something that must be planned or possibly scheduled ahead!

So that probably rules out visits to the dentist!
Cornish Cockney

Interesting thoughts but I partly disagree on the planning/scheduling bit. DG has previously intimated that Saturday increases the chances of it happening, there were Februaries where he thought it was going to happen but didn't BUT that some effort on his part is needed to make it happen. So I deduced from that that it is something not entirely under his control but something he can attempt to influence. He has also said it has happened in every other month of the year (not every month every year).

So that was what led to my perhaps narrow minded thinking that the mystery count is the number of good old fashioned bonks.

There are clues in old Feb 28th Count posts. Some I have listed above, but I have not looked at every year.

I would love to know what it is. But I accept I will probably be disappointed if I ever found out.
Read 5 books

Deleted 3246 emails from my work email account.
Total number of trains I travelled on in February 2024: 265..
How can that be, thats 9 per day so when do you have time to walk 14000 steps per day?
Thank you for all the hours you put towards writing the blog...not to mention the time spent in research. Live in the US, but grew up in London. Had maternal family living in Tower Hamlets/Bow so spent a fair amount of time visiting there as a child which explains some of my interest in your writing. Not to mention that I was likely one of few young American girls who kept a train spotting book way back in the day (late 1950s, early 1960s. So there is also my interest in transportation. :)

My counts--
177,201 steps
23 books read
...the latter count explains the former count.

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