please empty your brain below

More importantly - did you experience any 'fine day for it' exchanges?
Not a single one.
Perhaps unsurprisingly.
"Spot a secret Londonist reader" That must have been written by a Freemason.
Hi,DG. Very enjoyable reading. These unlost London river blogs of yours,I feel I'm almost there without having to pull on walking boots. Thanks. 👍🏻 😉
Sounds like an interesting walk.

BTW - if the white, six-petalled flowers are the ones pictured then they're Ramsons, or Wild Garlic.
Thanks for this, DG. I haven't walked this stretch but plan to do so in the next 2 months or so inspired by your write-up.
Lovely, and from your pictures it did indeed look a fine day for it.
"the delightfully-named Whetstone Stray"...

A few years ago, Barnet Council erected a new sign at the entrance to Whetstone Stray in Laurel Way. Unfortunately they erroneously called it "Whetstone Strays". When I suggested that this made it sound like the local dog pound, the extra 's' was removed. If you look carefully, the name on the sign is slightly off centre due to the correction.

Laurel Way does not change postcode over Dollis Brook - it changes its name too. West of the brook it is Laurel Way N20, and to the east it is Laurel View N12.

At least you can see the brook which makes some sense of the name & postcode change. A much more confusing street (and home to the Harry Beck blue plaque) is not that far away. Courthouse Road N12 half way along changes into Court House Gardens N3 for no apparent reason. A delivery driver's nightmare.

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