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Well, I wish it could be Christmas everyday.

They've put those signs up around Croydon recently too. They certainly do look smart - and in Croydon (like Bow, I guess), every little helps.

I run home regularly along the Bow Road and across the roundabout (not literally). Never had a problem, but keep the hordes away please.

I enjoy these "hyperlocal" (how I hate that word) blog posts much more than I think I'm expected to, in spite of living nowhere near Bow Road.

Was that sign reading "Bow / Addington Road" really outside Lewisham station?

How long will that 'Olympic Park' sign stay up after the Olympics have disappeared? ;)

They've started appearing in North London too. Not all good though - the Legible London sign that has appeared by the River Lea at Springfield Park has supplanted the previous Capital Ring green signpost, and with it replaced London-wide distances (and beyond in the case of the Lea Valley Path) with hyper-local information. Good news if you're walking 400m but not if you're aiming for 10 miles or more. I do not know why "they" couldn't have left it be.

The green Capital Ring signpost has also disappeared at Old Ford Lock. As a long-distance walker I'll echo your sentiments - it's a damned shame that it's been replaced rather than augmented.

I have to say that, annoyed as I was to read the comments about LDP signs being removed, these miniliths and pointers are by and large a very Good Thing. They're an excellent piece of design which manage to be both practical, legible and look pleasing. Other cities in the UK are now starting to copy the concept as well.

I too like the Legible London signs in principle, but please please please - do we have to have maps rotated so north is (I suppose) 75% of the time not to the top? Wrong wrong wrong - and the source of confusion to me every time I have looked at one! Half a bouquet only!

@EskimoPie: Having the direction in which you're facing be 'up' is one of their defining (and best) features! If you've honestly never held a map upside down while walking and navigating in a southbound direction, you probably don't need public information anyway.

@Swirlythingy, I totally understand why they've done it, and am not averse to a spot of map-twirling myself. I suppose all of the LL maps I have seen are of areas which with which I have a sufficient degree of familiarity and I have wanted to locate myself on a familiar, north-to-the-top map, not an upside down one!

R.E. removal of Capital Ring signposts: humph. There just had to be a catch, didn't there. I love those signs too. Is it worth contacting the Legible London team to ask about it?

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