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You might find this story odd, though I cannot remember the source and so cannot verify: Walt Disney, I was told, was much more interested in building EPCOT - his magical city of tomorrow where everything would be controlled. The actual theme park was more of an afterthought, mandated by his bankers, who told him to make something profitable first.
Those tower blocks have something of Marsh Farm about them...
Jimmy Cauty was not aware that he had had such a famous visitor. Your blog enticed me to pop along this afternoon (Sunday) and I mentioned your name (which was new to him) and the fact that you had devoted today's piece to his model village. "Was it favourable?" was followed by "So that's why people have been turning up today". I arrived just after 1pm so it would seem that even in the first hour your blog had caused a jump in visitor numbers.

One visitor commented that it would be good to have pairs of holes set an eyes-width apart since stereoscopic viewing would increase the feeling of 'being there'.

Did you spot what has to be a spoof Planning Application pinned outside the street door in which 'Sir Robin Small' seeks council permission to erect the 'Golden Pyramid'?
In terms of famous, Jimmy ranks several rungs above me.
It's just a shame that the model used in the Last Train to Transcentral video isn't part of this :-)
I told Jimmy Cauty that your blog sent me. He replied that lot of the visitors came because of "Diamond Geezer". I mentioned the posts on London bus stops and the lost rivers of London. Jimmy was intrigued and said that you must be a psychogeographer.

It's worth going again as the model is evolving. They are working on a suspension bridge to link the pyramid to the town. Eventually the hoardings will come down so no more peaking through the holes.

Yeah, you really should go again and introduce yourself to Jimmy.

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