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Beautifully written, thanks DG.
Thanks DG.

The Museum now calls itself The Museum OF London Docklands (with Docklands as a sort of subtitle). I guess they were fed up of people calling them that anyway that they gave up on the the rather awkward Museum IN Docklands.
Surely not a proper friend if he/she doesn't like the Docklands Museum...?
A nice accompaniment to this exhibition is the Tower Bridge exhibition currently at the Guildhall Art Gallery.

Some amazing photographs of the construction era; original invitations and other artefacts from the day of opening; and some striking art from across the decades of the bridge and its environs. I enjoyed wandering around much more than I thought I would.

Open until the 28th of July.
Argh! Very short notice!! Will try to combine it over the weekend with a trip to the Olympic Park which I'd been planning to do during the summer anyway.

The highlight of a visit to MoLD with young children though is the spooky darkened street mock-up, and of course the Mudlarks playroom!
I thought this was a real missed opportunity, I was expecting a bit more contemporary response to the collection and found it disappointing. The film should have been much more interesting given its subject matter. But I do think the rest of the museum is worth a trip if you have never been there.

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