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Labour will make big gains in England but with the SNP still winning the majority of Scottish seats it will be difficult for Labour to win an outright majority.
A hung Parliament with Labour the largest party. I think Lab will avoid a formal coalition with either SNP or LD; and instead will rely on a confidence and supply pact.
This one.
The polls currently suggest Labour will be winning big. However I feel this is hubris; in the absence of any radical policy proposals Labour is unlikely to win outright
Labour won't get an outright majority, but be close. Like Entertained, don't think there will be a formal coalition.
Hung Parliament. Just hung
For all these sorts of reasons.
Scotland prevents a Labour majority.
Voter apathy and a total distrust of Politicians will deliver a couldn't care less result. Cue further years of being set adrift in a rudderless ship.
With the changes to voting & constituency boundaries plus the ridiculous Labour infighting I doubt there will be an overall majority - this could be a good thing as it might hasten PR and give us a proper representative government.
Think this the most likely outcome.

BUT if a long-overdue collapse of SNP support occurs AND if Labour are the principal beneficiaries of that they might just cross the line and get a majority.
this followed by another election soonish afterwards.. reform party dangerously successful
If the boundary changes happen plus voter ID carries on it'll be too hard for a Labour overall majority.
Labour’s current healthy lead will evaporate as the electorate weary of multiple strikes in the public sector. Thus the behaviour of Trades Unions will directly prevent Labour gaining a working majority.
Starmer is not offering a vision so is very vulnerable once the Tories stop handing everything to him on a plate. it looks unlikely at present but stranger things have happened.
Coalition with some red wall seats moving back to labour. May need a pre-election pact with libdems/SNP/PC to boost the vote.
Labour lead is likely to diminish as Starmer increasingly panders to “middle ground” voters who might vote for Tory-lite but nothing more radical.
Barring an SNP collapse. I just don't think the Tory vote will nosedive as much as the polls predict. There are a lot of people who'll still shift blue once they get to the ballot box.
This one. They have a huge lead in the polls now, but never underestimate Labour's ability to feck things up.
it's going to be a disaster!
We haven’t had a majority government of one colour turn directly into a majority government of another since the 1970 general election. It will take two elections for Sir Keir to get his (deserved) majority.
The electorate will be decisive in delivering an indecisive result.
Feels a bit like 2010, where the ruling party loses, but the opposition party doesn't do enough to actually win.
A right-wing press and Labour's ability to squabble amongst themselves will prevent a majority.
Enough of the country wants change for it to happen, but not enough to make it definitive.
It'll be like the last US election - the less worse side will win, but not by a large enough margin to inspire confidence
This one. Minority Lab government who won't make a formal coalition with the SNP but will need to rely on their support to get any legislation passed. Lib Dems and whatever Farage's party du jour is, will both gain a few seats.
The British electorate has shown itself to be stupid so why not shoot itself in the foot again.
Reform Party will split the conservative vote, SNP will retain Scotland.
Tories stand no chance, though I don't think that Labour are strong enough to win a majority
Labour won't do a formal coalition with the SNP but perhaps could with the LibDems so I think some form of minority government with a Labour PM, and a confidence and supplyb deal with most of the small parties
Just to pin my tail on the donkey of “the SNP will win too many seats for Labour to get a majority” but… I think the SNP are starting to come to the end of their dominance as I think they are starting to annoy people away from the independence debate.
The "threat" of Boris coming back will get more voters of all persuasion out.
This one
This one
This one as I just can't imagine Labour actually achieving a majority

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