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Kier Starmer’s superhero power is being able to avoid upsetting middle England, and that is all he needs. Hard to see how the Tories can get any more popular as the recession sets in.
Ticked this as “get out Tories”. Not a lover of all labour policies but best choice when there’s not a “Caring party”.
A small overall majority despite Tory gerrymandering
If labour can't beat this Conservative government they may as well disband.
Starmer is not a very good politician and does not seem able to take advice on political tactics.
However, voters need and want a change.
This - unless Labour does something electorally damaging, as they did previously with Corbyn
Labour, but maybe not with Starmer, hmmm....
I'd be surprised at any other outcome, but Labour continue to do a poor job of offering a vision of what the country would be like with them in charge
I think it most likely that Labour wins an outright majority. The recent governments have been so bad that I sense a 97 style desire for change building.
Right now it’s tough to see how the Tories can recover this position, especially when it’s likely to get worse before it gets any better.

The question will be if they can not implode completely and avoid an early election. Time might be their only saviour
Simple as ABC, Anyone But Conservatives.
This. But it will be for one term only. After that, money will win, as nearly always happens.
No good news in the foreseeable future is bad for any government.
In 2 years probably a majority of the country will have been affected - a little or a lot - by the Tories' neglect of the NHS.
Its Labours to loose.The Torys are finished
Hard to see how Conservatives will be able to recover and portray themselves as the "sensible" party. Might imagine the public will want some change.
I can't see Keir dropping this lead. The Tories may eat into some of it - although there's been no new leader bounce at all which must be concerning them.
Unless there is a sudden and steep increase in the economy, I think voters will want a change.
I think 2019 was a "get Brexit done" outlier, and as things stand I think there is enough of a head of steam now for Labour to win an overall majority.
I don't think the Conservatives can regain popular support, and the SNP's decision to turn the next election into a "de facto referendum" is risky enough that it might give Labour some Scottish seats once again, helping them to an overall majority.
So much anger against Tory right now
Not too big, please.
This assumes that Labour will be able to pick up enough seats in Scotland to avoid a hung parliament.
The Tories have screwed it up so badly over the last year that there isn't a way back for them now. Labour aren't exciting and the Lib Dems need to be doing better to take more Tory seats, but I think people are just fed up and want a change.
If Sunak is the best leader the Tories have got, and things continue the way are at the moment, I can't see it being anything but a thumping Labour overall majority,
Not with much confidence, but if things basically stay as they are until election day...
History tends to favour the Conservatives, but why not Labour majority--this could be '45/'97.
I think most LD voters would be more willing to tactically vote Labour than in 2017 / 2019, which is why I'd guess a majority over a plurality.
Labour majority ideally with Rayner or Burnham as PM.
I expect a smallish Lab majority govt, with a majority of no more than 40.
Like 92-97 Labour far enough ahead, seem likely to gain a small majority.
Labour are so far ahead in the polls, they'd need to do something astonishingly stupid not to win.
I think the public are ready for Starmer, better someone dull but competent than this lot.
Hopefully this time! Although my predictions on previous polls have been inaccurate, this seems like the only realistic outcome.
Yes, but with such a small majority it almost feels like a Tory win
Labour Majority, though I also expect them to be very disappointing in how little they do with it.
We still have not seen Johnson & Truss's Resignation Honours lists. There might be plenty of corruption mileage in Johnsons list.
Starmer I’m sure, or we really do have a death wish.
Think that we're approaching a 1979 or 1997 style change in the tide.

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