please empty your brain below

It was reported on Thursday that a few BP fuel outlets national were struggling for supplies. Then the fuel-buying public locally seem to have been gripped by a collective mania; my two nearest outlets have been besieged for the last 48 hours. Each has had daily tanker deliveries, far more frequent than normal. Yet the mania looks set to continue. People are very strange, the main cause of this "shortage" and demonstrably selfish.
The BBC had a report from hairdressers claiming that post-Covid infection, some customers were having allergic reactions to hair dye products they had used previously without any problems.

Cancer - hopefully you have one of those nice friendly cancers that won't try to kill you quickly.

Scotland had no choice, because they have a land border without any customs checks, whatever England decided to do, they had to follow.
I can't tell if it's Covid or Brexit that's the 'gift that keeps on giving' anymore! Either way, it's not been the sunny uplands we were promised!
Frank. I'd suggest it's not that simple. I filled up on Tuesday at the Shell at Fish Island - they were already out of 95 Unleaded back then. So the shortage was not just BP, and already developing before it hit the papers.
As for people being stupid... This is a classic case of where behaviour can be rational at an individual level (I know panic buying is kicking in so I'd better fill up while this garage still has stocks) versus the collective (everyone filling up makes the shortage worse)

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